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Barrons Psychology 2

Practice Test 2

Neural transmission is described as an electrochemical process. what is most directly involved in electivcal aspect myelin
the c in the word cat is best described as a phoneme
when first born, human's dominate sense is hearing
ryan suffers from low level of arousal. he is suffering from GAD
which psychological perspective was most popular at the turn of the 20th century in europe psychoanalytic
pascale is interested in how children process new information to learn. what type of psychologist would he be cognitive
a test that identifies people with at the potential to be a great civil rights lawyer is a aptitude test
like-minded groups taking more extreme positions than the individuals that compromise the group is called group polarization
In people, rods, unlike cones, have a lower absolute threshold for light
lighten enters the eye through the iris
what kind of personality theorist would be most interested in the results of the MMPI trait
a low level of glucose in sam's bloodstream is most likely to make him want to eat a meal
to treat her anorexia, they tried to change her beliefs and discuss her relationships. this approach is called electric
counterconditioning lies at the heart of which therapeutic approach systematic desensitization
which personality theory is criticized for having an unrealistically optimistic view of human nature humanistic
which of the following is least likely to contribute to prejudice superordinate goals
what is a key difference between experimental method and naturalistic observation researchers can exercise greater control over experiments than in naturalistic observation
according to humanistic psychologists, psychological disorders are most likely caused by unfulfilled needs
a fetus with the genotype xxy will most lily suffer from sterility as an adult
what skill will children develop first most likely clap their hands
antonia has a cat. the first time she sees a rabbit, she calls it a cat. her mistake is due to the process of assimilation
what type of thinking is most closely associated with creativity divergent thinking
the somatic nervous system is part of the peripheral nervous system
which part of the brain is the newest in an evolutionary sense cerebral cortex
what disorder responds best to cognitive behavioral therapy major depressive disorder
which structure is found in the inner ear basilar membrane
what type of psychologist would assert that a key motivation for people is the desire to spread their genetic material evolutionary
after suzy decided to go to the prom with dylan, max was unconsciously furious. Max then channeled all his energies into his artwork. which defense mechanism is max using sublimation
what is the shape of the arousal performance graph a rainbow
what proves the most information about how spread out a distribution of scores is variance
because jake was late to the first practice, the coach makes him sit out Jake is never late again. coach used omission training
Gardner and Sternberg complain that schools focus too much on traditional subjects and methods
delusions of grandeur are most characteristics of paranoid schizophrenia
4 year old kate positions herself at the front of the audience to watch the magician. this is kate's egocentrisim
jamie always fixes the printer by turning it on and off. when the paper jammed and she was unaware, she still kept turning the printer on and off. this is a result of mental set
the brainstem is comprised of the hindbrain and midbrain
the limbic system plays an important role in regulating emotion
this persons work demonstrated that people often misremember events due to misinformation and leading questionss elizabeth loftus
Erikson's initiative vs. guild stage is most closely related to Freud's phallic stage
daniel is a toddler who lags in speech development, avoids eye contact, and resists routine alterations. what does he have? autism
what percent of the population scores between 70 and 130 on the WISC 95
what is a fixed ratio schedule prize for every # of accomplishments
the over justification effect an extrinsic motivator decreases a person's intrinsic motivation
in order to prove a psychological theory it is impossible to prove a theory
kelly can't stand craig's family, but she loves his personality. this conflict is a approach-avoidance
belief that attitude and behavior play a central role in what happens to you internal locus of control
ears are located on opposite sides of the heads helps us identify the origin of a sound
for his campaign, edy passes out cookies that say vote for edy. what is he trying to improve the mere exposer effet
salesman advertises a 99% fat free milk and a 1% fat milk. what is she testing framing
a baby is just beginning to sit up. how old is he 6 months
Harlow's monkey experiment illustrated the importance of physical contact to development
at what age is schizophrenia typical early 20s
a boy creates a test and tests a group of people. he returns a year later to give the same test. what is he testing for reliability
which psychologist is known for his pioneering work on modeling and the relationship between violent televiosn and aggression albert bandura
coach perry trains Lana to be a goalie by rolling the ball to her, then gradually rolling it faster and faster and praising her. this is called second order conditioning
what percentage of participants in mil gram's obedience experiment thought they delivered the max amount of shock possible 60
what part of Phineas Gag's brain was damaged prefrontal cortex
one cause of the deinsiutionalization of many psychiatric patents in the mid-90s was the creation of new medicine
An old lady is old, loosing appetite, has difficulty sleeping, and looses interest in her favorite pastimes. she has major depressive disorder
which theory of emotion are cognitive psychologist most likely to support two factor theory
information from the optic nerve is initially process in what part of the brain thalamus
a lesson from Janis' research on groupthink is that it is important for people to voice dissent
studying for the AP exam, good advice would be to study from multiple sources
en route to the brain, information from the two eyes' retinas crosses at the optic chiasm
waking up with lots of delta waves causes extreme tiredness
histroionic personality disorder is from which axis II
the incidence of schizophrenia in the population is 1 out of 100
in order for people to reason at the post conventional level, people must be able to take another person's perspective
Rosenhan's study of mental institutions showed that confirmation bias may influence clinicians views and treatments of mental patients
what is the shortest electromagnetic waves humans can see violet
which of the following are found in Jung's collective unconscious archetypes
learned helplessness is most likely to be directly related to external locus of control
to study for a test, conrad studies vigorously. after finals, he has the flue. which theory describes this cain event Selye's general adaptation syndrome
which part of the brain was thought to play the most important role in the Cannon-bard theory of emotion thalamus
p value difference between how two people scored
ex post facto study retroactive
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