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Rad Protection

Personnel Protection

What is the occupational dose limit per yr? 50 mSv / 5 Rem
What is the non0occupational dose limit? 5 mSv / 0.5 Rem
What type of procedures increase the radiographer's risk of exposure? fluoro, iv procedures, mobile
This should be perpendicular to the line of travel of the primary beam. primary barrier
These are examples of what: chest wall in an R & F room, door, floor, lateral walls primary barrier
This provides protection for secondary radiation only and is located parallel to the direction of the primary beam secondary barrier
These are examples of what kind of barrier: control booth, any wall in a CT room secondary barrier
Which type of barrier must be: 1/16 " Pb eq and 7 ft high primary
What type of barrier must be: 1/32" Pb eq? Secondary barrier
What is another feature of secondary barrier, besides the 1/32" Pb eqv? It must overlap the primary barrier by at least 1/2"
What is the require for windows as barriers? must be 1.5 mm Pb eq thickness
How many times must radiation scatter before entering the control booth? two times
What is the maximum allowable leakage from the tube housing? 100 mR / hr at a distance of 1 meter
What protection requirements should the drape offer? 0.25 mm lead eqv for a 45cm x 45cm area
What type of exposure cord should be short enough so that the exposure can be operated only when the radiographer is completely behind the control booth? fixed
What type of exposure cord should be long e nough to allow the radiographer to stand at least 2 meters (6ft) from the x-ray tube? mobile
MPD for the technologist is? 50 mSv (5Rem) / yr 100 mRem / wk
WHat is the min thickness of the lead aprons? What is most commonly used? 0.25 mm 0.50
THe most commonly used thickness for lead aprons, provides what percentage attenuation? 88% @ 75 kV
Min thickness of lead gloves? 0.25 mm
Min thickness of neck & thyroid shield? 0.50 mm
What is the min thickness for protective eyeware? 0.35 mm
Where should the radiographer stand to the scattering object? at right angles
What is the intensity of scatter radiation 1 meter from the pt? 0.1 % of the intensity of the useful beam at the pt
During which portion of pregnancy could resorption of the embryo happen? first 2 wks
During which portion of pregnancy could major organogenesis-organ deformities-mainly skeletal happen? from 2nd - 8th wk
During which part of pregnancy could the radiation cause leukemia or cancer? first trimester
What stage of pregnancy is the most radiosensitive? first trimester
What stage of pregnancy is the most resistant stage? third trimester
What percentage increase in congenital abnormality is est to follow a 10 rad exposure? 1%
Fetal exposure should be kept at what during the entire gestation period? 500 mRem ( 5 mSv)
For a declared pregnant worker, exposure should not exceed? 50 mRem / mth
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