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Rehab Research

Chapter 6- Research Paradigms

What three paradigms are identified in research? 1. quantitative paradigm, 2. qualitative paradigm, 3. single-subject paradigms
What are the five assumptions of the quantitative paradigm? 1. single-object reality, 2. independence of investigator and subjects, 3. generalizability of results, 4. determining causation, 5. value free
What are some of the quantitative methods of research? theory developed in advance of the conduct of research, elaborate inclusion and exclusion criteria for subjects, desire for a high level of precision in measurements, determine cause and effect, control of extraneous variables
What are five assumptions of the qualitative paradigm? multiple constructed realities, interdependence of investigator and subjects, results specific to time and context, no causation, value laden
What are some of the qualitative methods of research? recognize that the participants in the inquiry will define other versions of what is important, purposely select individuals, "human measurement", no manipulation/control of research setting
What are some of the assumptions of the single-subject paradigm? the effectiveness of treatment is subject and setting dependent; research should reflect the idiographic nature of practice by focusing on the study of individuals
What are some of the methods of single-subject studies? research operates from an a priori theoretical foundation, purposeful selection of the participant, precise measurement with repeated measures taken, experimental manipulation, control of extraneous factors
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