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Library Policies

If an item comes back damaged beyond normal wear and tear, should it be checked in? No. The item should be left on the patron account and the Problem Shelf Procedure enacted
How much are color printouts from patron computers? $1.00 per page (no free copies)
What is the charge for ILLs? There is a $2.00 per item fee for filled requests, whether the patron picks them up or not.
What are the cost for faxes? Sending is $1.00 for first page; $.10 for additional pages (no charge for cover sheet); Receiving faxes is $.10 per page
What is the overdue charge for Audios, Books and Magazines? $.10 per day with a $5.00 cap.
What is the overdue charge for DVDs? $.25 per day with a $5.00 cap.
What is the overdue charge for an ILL? $1.00 per day, per item with a $20.00 cap.
What is the charge to replace a damaged case? $2.00
What is the charge to replace a damaged or missing cover? $1.00
What is the charge to replace individual books from a kit? $10.00 each
What is the charge to replace individual CD/DVD discs? $8.00
What is the charge to replace damaged or missing inserts? $2.00 each
What is the charge to replace a damaged or missing bag (kits)? $1.50
What do you do if a patron challenges a charge for damaged item, but is clearly at fault, or cannot be reached? Continue with procedure for damaged or destroyed item
What is the procedure for destroyed items? Open "Patron Status", select "Items Out" menu, and click the "Declare Lost" icon to the far right. Click "Cancel" and do not apply charges at this time. Contact the patron. If they admit responsibility, declare the item "Lost"
Do you apply charges to a destroyed item if the patron denies responsibility? Do not apply charges unless it can be clearly shown that the patron is responsible.
If part of an item is missing, where should the patron return it? To the branch where they initially returned it, taking it directly to the circ desk.
Do items with missing parts stay on a patron's record until they are returned or paid for? Yes.
Can items on the problem shelf with missing items be renewed to avoid accruing overdue fines? Yes.
If an item is on the Problem Shelf, where should its Temporary Location in the item record be? Problem Shelf.
If the patron claims an item was missing a part when they checked it out, do you apply charges? Do not apply charges unless the patron admits responsibility or it can be clearly shown that they are responsible.
Where do you send items with missing DVDs? To Technical Services with a Problem Shelf Form
If a problem item is returned to a branch other than its assigned branch, should it be sent back to the assigned branch? No. The item should be kept on the problem shelf at the branch to which it was returned.
When should a problem item be sent back to its assigned branch? When the problem has been resolved.
When an item is placed on the problem shelf, do you put a block in the patron's record? Yes.
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