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Joseph's Geo Final

Chapter 21, sections 1 - 4

global village the sharing of ideas, cultures and traditions around the world
interdependent dependent on one another; being dependent somewhere else
satellite an object that is built to go around Earth in space
email a tool that allows people to send written messages electronically over the internet
internet the international computer network
telecommunication communicating electronically
ozone layer the layer of gas above Earth that protects Earth's atmosphere from the sun's harmful rays
El Nino the unusual warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean that occurs about every three to five years
La Nina a weather pattern in which ocean currents are colder than usual
Daylight Savings Time a way of making better use of daylight by setting clocks one hour ahead in the spring and one back in the fall
developed country a country that has already built its economy and has money to provide services to its citizens
United Nations (UN) an international organization that tries to settle disagreements, improve the way people live and keep peace around the world
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) organizations that are made up of private individuals and that are not run by the government, want to help the world
globalization connecting the world's economies together
World Trade Organization (WTO) solves problems with the global economy
foreign aid money, medecine, tools, or machinery given by one country to help another country
International Monetary Fund (IMF) helps raise money for countries that need it
World Bank an organization that loans money to less developed countries at low interest rates
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