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Ch 9 Anatomy/Positioning

Which part of the sternum is located at T10? Xiphoid Process
With which part of the sternum does the 1st pair of ribs articulate? Lateral border of manubrium
Which articulation is formed in part with the head of a rib? costovertebral
With which structure do heads of ribs articulate with? demifacets of T spine
Which joint involves the tubercle of a rib? costotransverse
Which radiographic position best demonstrates the sternum projected within the heart shadow? RAO
For the oblique position, that best demonstrates the sternum, the patient should be rotated how many degrees? 15- 20 degrees
The oblique PA (RAO) for the sternum should include which two structures? jugular notch to xiphoid process
Oblique PA sternum has a __ SID; Lateral sternum has a __ SID. 30"; 72"
Where should the top of IR be for the lateral projection of the sternum? 1.5" above jugular notch
To best demonstrate the sternum, the patient should be rotated into the _____ position to image the sternum _____. RAO; within the heart shadow
Which procedure should be used to obtain radiographs of injured anterior ribs Nos. 5 and 6 (upper)? Patient upright; suspend on inspiration - pushes the diaphragm down
What is the best breathing technique for lower ribs? Why? Suspend of full expiration - will elevate the diaphragm
Where should the top border of the IR be positioned for the PA projection to demonstrate ribs above diaphragm? 1.5" above shoulders
For AP ribs below the diaphragm, how should the IR be positioned? Level of iliac crest
Which projection best demonstrates the axillary portion of ribs? AP oblique
R upper Anterior = inspiration PA/LAO
R lower Posterior = expiration AP/RPO
R lower Anterior = expiration PA/LAO
R upper Posterior = inspiration AP/RPO
L upper anterior = inspiration PA/RAO
L lower posterior= expiration AP/LPO
L lower anterior = expiration PA/RAO
L upper Posterior = inspiration AP/LPO
Bilateral Posterior Upper Ribs = inspiration AP/RPO+LPO
Bilateral Anterior Upper Ribs = inspiration PA/RAO+LAO
Bilateral Posterior Lower Ribs = inspiration AP transverse/RPO+LPO
Bilateral ANterior Lower RIbs = expiration AP transverse/RAO+LAO