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Part 1

Stratification System by which society ranks categories of people in a hierarachy
Mass Media Print and Electronic ways of communication through newspapers, magazines, tv
Gate-Keeping A handful of people who decide what should be released to the media
Feminization of Poverty The idea that women represent the increasing porportion of the poor
Income Vs Wealth Income is wages and salaries, Wealth is the assets, and land that was past on from generation to generation
Intra-Generational The change in social position within a person's life
Inter-Generational The change within a social position relative to their parents
Relative Poverty Standard of Deprivation by which people at the bottom compared to the society as a whole
Absolute Poverty The minimum standard below to which families should not be expected to exist
Differential Association Tendency toward conformity or deviance depends upon the amount of contact with others who encourage or reject
Discredited When a person displays a characteristics of a label
Discreditable When a person has the characteristics of the label but is not displayed
Stigma A poweragul negative label that changes a person's self-concept and self-image
Labeling Theory The assertion that deviance and conformity result not so much of what people do but what society thinks
Reference Group A social group that serves as a point of reference for making evaluations or decisions
Mechanical Solidarity Social bonds based on common sentiments and shared moral values
Organic Solidarity Social bonds based on specialization and interdependece
Retrospective Labeling A reinterpretaion of a person's past in light of some present deviance
Projective Labeling People us a deviant identity to predict future actions
Dominant Ideology A set of cultural beliefs and practives that help to maintain a powerful socail, economica and political interests
Group Think The tendency of group members to conform, resulting in a narrow view of some issue
Social Loafing The production power of a group is less than the sum total production power of the individuals in the group
Social Capital Features of social organization such as networks, norms and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit
Crime The violation of a society's formally enacted crimal law
Victimless Crime A term used by a sociologist to describe the willing exchange among adults of widely desired but illegal, goods and services
Criminal Recidivism The time it takes for them to return to jail
Davis-Moore Thesis Divides, Defines Social Groups and analyzes, universal
Gender The personal traits and social positions that members of a soiety attach to being feminine or masculine
Gender Stratification The unequal distribution of wealth, power, and privlige between men and women
Minority Any category of people, distinguished by physical or cultural difference that a socicet sets apart and subordiates
Social Control Attempts by society to regulate people's thoughts and behavior Informal: Spanking, Formal: Jail
Criminal Justice System Formal response by the police, courts and prison officals to alleged violations of law
Unemployement A person who is able and willing to work yet unable to find a job
Unemployment Rate The # of Unemployed/Eligible workers
Sex Biological distinction between male and female
Feminism The advocact of social equality for men an women
Sexism The belief that one sex innately inferior to the other
Transsexual A person who dresses and behaves like the other gender
Transgender A person who undertakes a biologic transition to become the other sex
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