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Art Voc

Drawing and Painting Vocabulary List

Renaissance DaVinci
Renaissance Michaelangelo
Renaissance Raphael
Renaissance Donatello
Renaissance Tintoretto
Baroque Rembrandt
Baroque Rubens
Baroque Van Dyck
Baroque Caravaggio
Rococo Fragonard
Rococo Hogarth
Rococo Gainsborough
Rococo Watteau
Rococo Chardin
Neo Classicism Copely
Neo Classicism West
Neo Classicism David
Neo Classicism Ingres
Neo Classicism Constable
Neo Classicism Turner
Romanticism Goya
Romanticism Gericault
Romanticism Delacroix
Romanticism Daumier
Realism Daumier
Realism Corot
Realism Courbet
Realism Manet
Realism Turner
Impressionism Monet
Impressionism Renoir
Impressionism Degas
Impressionism Cassatt
Post-Impressionism Cezanne
Post-Impressionism Van Gogh
Post-Impressionism Gauguin
Post-Impressionism Toulouse-Lautrec
Fauvism Matisse
Fauvism Rouault
Fauvism Soutine
Fauvism Beckman
Cubism Picasso
Cubism Braque
The Bauhaus Gropius
The Bauhaus Van Der Rhoe
The Bauhaus Bruer
The Bauhaus Mondrian
Surrealism Dali
Surrealism Chagall
Surrealism De Chirico
Abstract Expressionism De Kooning
Abstract Expressionism Pollack
Abstract Expressionism Rothko
Abstract Expressionism Kandinsky
Pop Art Warhol
Pop Art Rivers
Pop Art Lichtenstein
Pop Art Rauchenberg
Op Art Vasarely
Op Art Stella
Created by: pmoments