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Pacific World

Australia and New Zealand

3 landform regions of Australia Great dividing range, central lowlands, western plateau
Aborigines the first people in Australia. Came to australia from southeast asia at least 40,00 years ago.
Mauri First people in New Zealand. Came from pacific islands to the north about 1,000 years ago
Major Climates of Australia and New Zealand Australia- Arid New Zealand- Marine West Coast
Aboriginal name of Ayer's Rock Uluru
Marsupials Animals with a pouch
The island names of New Zealand North & South Island
Body of water that separates the islands of New Zealand Cook Strait
New Zealand's highest peak Mount cook
New Zealand's primate city Auckland
Atoll A ring of several islands
World's second largest island New Guinea
3 subregions of the Pacific Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia
Deepest part of the Earth's surface Mariana Trench
The result of the Maori Wars of 1843-1872 they lost. British settlers began taking Maori lands. Diseases introduced by Europeans killed many Maori. New Zealand became independent country within the british empire.
The main source of electricity for New Zealand hydroelectric power
Copra dried coconut meat
Intertropical Convergence Zone prevailing winds meet near the equator
The U.S. territories of the region Guam and Philippines
The animals mainly ranched in Australia and New Zealand Cattle and sheep
The cause of ocean trenches subduction of plates
The distribution of cities in Australia along the coast
The lack of arable land found in Australia most land in Australia isn't arable (6%) due to arid climate
The initial colonization of Australia by Britain prison colonies
Aboriginal Daydream belief of how earth was created
Matrilineal lineage man take woman's last name
The evolution of languages in the Pacific Islands pidgin
Cultural remnants on Easter Island left stone statues behind (tiki)
Exclusive Economic Zones 200 mile radius
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