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Modern Dancers

Ruth St. Denis Martha Graham saw this dancer perform in 1911 and decided that she too wanted to be a modern dancer.
Merce Cunningham This dancer was asked to move to New York to join Martha Graham’s Company.
Isadora Duncan This dancer was the first dancer to develop natural breathing to match her way of movement.
Merce Cunningham This dancer was a major contributor to the Avant Garde art movement and is considered to be a post modern dancer.
Martha Graham Ted Shawn casted this dancer to dance in “Xochitl” which jump started her performing career at Denishawn.
Denishawn This school had Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman as students when they were young dancers.
Merce Cunningham This choreographer was highly influenced by Albert Einstein, Zen, and Dadism.
Ruth St. Denis This dancer created a dance about a mortal who loved the Hindu god Krishna that touched all five senses of the body.
Isadora Duncan This dancer met a critic who introduced her to symphonic music, renaissance paintings, and greek statue art.
Merce Cunningham This choreographer abandoned the traditional choreographic principles of conflict/resolution and cause/effect.
Alvin Ailey This dancer had a vision of creating a company dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of the American modern dance heritage and uniqueness of black cultural expression.
Merce Cunningham This choreographer was infamous for using chance in the choreographic process.
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