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American Music

Stack #95203

patriotic about the country, flag, armed services
Lift Every Voice Black National Anthem
The Star Spangled Banner National Anthem
When Johnny Comes Marching Home about the army
The Marine's Hymn about the marines
Lift Every Voice about liberty
America about liberty
Aaron Copland American composer
Scott Joplin Maple Leaf rag
Aaron Copland Rodeo
Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring
Ray charles Fifty Nifty
Morton Gould American Salute
composer person who writes music
major happy, lively
minor sad, scary
octave distance of eight notes
theme main tune
melody tune
rhythm beat
banner flag
perilous dangerous
dawn daybreak, early in the morning
James & Rosamunde Johnson wrote Lift Every Voice
Francis Scott Key wrote the words to The Star Spangled Banner
variations slight changes to the main tune
John P. Sousa "March King"
John P. Sousa Stars and Stripes Forever
ballet dance
Hoe-Down music from Rodeo
Simple Gifts main tune from Appalachian Spring
America, the Beautiful about the country
Caisson Song about the army
America about the country
Grand Old flag about the flag
Created by: coop2925