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All the starting points vocab

ethics moral principles; a code of morality
sovereign having supreme authority or power
morality standards of conduct that are accepted as right or proper
malign to say unpleasant things about someone, especially things that may be damaging or untrue.
potency the strength of something
antithesis the complete or exact opposite of something
self-effacing modest and reserved; avoid drawing attention to yourself
atonement payment for sin
estrangement rift; no longer friendly
initiative the first step in a process-once taken it determines the following events
persistent existing for a long time despite difficulties
incomprehensible beyond understanding
excruciating extremely painful, hard to bear
reconcile make friendly; end conflict
ambiguity unclear meaning
unequivocal allowing for no doubt or misinterpretation
defiled ruined; corrupted
vicariously doing or enduring as a substitute for someone else
preconceived already formed in the mind
reprieve stop or postpone somebody’s punishment
benign kind, caring, not harmful
poignant deeply affecting the feelings in a touching or painful way
incorporeal without a physical body, existing solely as a spirit
facets the different aspects (sides or parts) of something
emanation something coming out from a source
skepticism a doubting attitude
embellish to beautify something by adding decoration OR to add exaggerated details to something
unwittingly unknowingly, unintentionally
apostasy renunciation (denial) of a religious belief
derivation the origin or source
denote refer to; to be a sign or representation of something
dementia the progressive losing of one’s memory
subvert to undermine or overthrow the powers that be
ascertain to find out something for certain
facetious not intended to be taken seriously
affirmation a statement declaring something to be valid and true; a positive statement
dogmatic expressing rigid, strongly held beliefs and opinions
superficial not profound; shallow; not thorough
intransigence firm refusal to even consider changing one’s mind
. obliterate destroy completely
profound great; showing or requiring great understanding
justification the act of being declared righteous
sanctification the process of being set apart, delivered daily from the power of sin
supine lying on the back; utterly inactive
apex highest point of something
glorification the act of being made perfect and free from all sin (in heaven)
prerogative An exclusive or special right, power,or privilege
apocalyptic Something viewed as a prophetic revelation, usually involving an expectation of a cosmic cataclysm
cataclysm A momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition
succinct Brief and to the point
deviation a change or difference from what is accepted, expected, or planned
hallucination something that somebody imagines seeing or otherwise sensing when it is not actually present
contemporary happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time
mediator someone who works to reconcile differences between disputing parties
validity the quality or state of being valid
valid having a well grounded, sound foundation or justification
volition the power of choosing or determining; will
substratum the underlying support; foundation
graven carved or cut with a chisel: sculptured
intrinsic belonging to the essential nature of a thing
anarchy absence of government; state of lawlessness
malevolent having, showing, or arising from intense ill will, spite, or hatred
perverse turned away from what is right or good:corrupt
overt open to view; obvious
repudiate to reject as untrue or unjust
integrate to form into a whole, unite
bulwark strong support or protection in danger
nebulous cloudy, hazy, foggy, indistinct
secular of or relating to the world or temporal/ not religious
transcendent excels above all; is above all
immanent near
omnipotent all powerful
omnipresent totally present everywhere time at the same
infinite unlimited
intransigent refusing to compromise or to abandon an extreme position
susceptible capable of submitting to an action/unresisting to a stimulus
manifestation the act of becoming evident to the senses by showing or displaying
omniscient knowing everything, possessing all knowledge
naiveté the quality of unaffected simplicity or lack of informed judgment
existential of, relating to, or affirmingexistence; having being in time and space
motif the dominant idea or central theme, esp. in work of art
automaton creature who acts in a mechanical manner; robot
genre the kind or sort of movie, music, book, art, etc
rudiments basic principle or element; fundamental skills
denigrate to speak badly of someone or something: defame
veridical truthful, genuine
Hellenism having to do with ancient Greek civilization
tantamount equivalent in value, significance, or effect;
bias prejudice; preconceived notion favoritism
cognition ability to acquire knowledge, or knowledge that is acquired through a process
complacency a feeling of self-satisfaction, usually without any thought of circumstances or dangers
harangue loud, forceful, angry speech
cajole coax; persuade gently
foible small weakness or quirk
chronological in order of time
allude/allusion refer/reference to familiar events, people, places, etc.
plot structure of the incidents; what happens in a story
ennui boredom from lack of interest; tired of life
character personality of a person in a story
theme the insight a work expresses
rectify to put something right; to correct
allegory an extended narrative whichcarries a secondary meaning along with the surface story
nihilism belief that nothing is worthwhile and there is no objective truth
point of view who tells the story
tone attitude an author takes to his subject
turgid pompous, boring, and overcomplicated; self-important
symbol person, place, or thing that stands for something else unnamed
style characteristics of sentence structure and diction