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Drawing Terms

is the lightest spot on an object. Highlight
is the area on the object that does not receive direct light. Shadow
is a drawing that shows a full range of values from light to very dark. Full Rendering
is the strongest light pointing towards an object. light source
size relationships between objects. Scale
size relationship from part to part and part to whole. For example, the size of your hand in comparison to the size of your head. Proportion
applies to both color and value. Colors include gray, brown, and others that have been rendered less intense, or neutralized. Neutral
line around an edge of the picture that frames the image. Border
The element of art that describes the darkness or lightness range of an object. means the degree of light and dark. White is the lightest, black is the darkest, and in between occurs a range of intermediate grays. Value
is the degree of difference between the light and dark areas. Contrast
lines used to organize and simplify complex forms by reducing them to basic geometric shapes. Construction Lines
the way a subject is interpreted through the use of mediums and artistic elements. Everyone has their own personal style. Some artists are very fine, and some are very loose in regards to their brush stroked, or line work. Style
Empty spaces surrounding shapes and forms. Or the empty space within an object. For example, the inside handle of a cup. Negative
lines creating boundaries that separate one area from another. They define edges and surface ridges of objects and figures. Contour Line
quick scribbles or marks meant to show movement or action by flowing over and through the interior of a form or composition. Gesture
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