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Outsiders chap 4-6

St mary 2012 Annapolis 6th grade

Defiance open refusal to obey
Contests scorn; lack of respect
Panic sudden overpowering fear
Apprehensive fearful or worried
Self preservation taking care of or saving oneself
Rueful filled with regret or pity
Premonition a feeling that something is going to happen
Implore to ask humanly; to beg
Tuft a small bunch or clump of something
Sullen not sociable; gloomy
Clenched held tightly
Hue shade of color
Subside to become lower or less
Elude to avoid or escape
Indignant angry because of something unjust
Testify to make a statement under oath
Grim harsh in appearance apparent open to view; appearing to be true
Aim to intend; to direct toward a goal
Conviction strong belief; the act of being guilty or a crime
Scowl frown of anger or looks
Towheaded having soft, blond hair
Fiend very wicked or cruel person
Created by: FASnyder
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