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Drug Classification

Brand/Generic Name & Classification

Brand NameGeneric NameClassification
Benadryl diphenhydramine HCL antihistaminics
Allerdryl diphenhydramine HCL antihistaminics
Phenergan promethazine antihistaminics
Vermox mebendazole anthelmintics
Entacyl piperazine adipate anthelmintics
Vanquin pyrvinium pamoate anthelmintics
Fungizone amphotericin B antifungals
Diflucan fluconazole antifungals
Nizoral ketoconazole antifungals
Nadostine nystatin antifulgals
Nilstat nystatin antifungals
Zithromax azithromycin antibiotics erythromycins
Biaxin clarithromycin antibiotics erythromycins
ERYC erythromycin base antibiotics erythromycins
Ilosone erythormycin estolate antibiotics erythromycins
EES-200/400/600 erythromycin ethylsuccinate antibiotics erythromycins
Erythrocin erythromycin stearate antibiotics erythromycins
PCE dispertat paricle coated erythromycin antibiotics erythromycins
Clavulin amoxicillin & clavulanic acid antibiotics pencillins
Pediazole erythromycin ethylsuccinate & sulfisoxazole antibiotics erythromycins
Amoxil amoxicillin antibiotics penicillins
Novamoxin amoxixillin antibiotics penicillins
Penbritin ampicillin antibiotics penicillins
Ampicin ampicillin antibiotics penicillins
Penglobe bacampicillin antibiotics penicillins
Orbenin cloxacillin antibiotics penicillins
Tegopen cloxacillin antibiotics penicillins
Megacillin penicillin G (benzathine) antibiotics penicillins
Bicillin penicillin G (benzathine) antibiotics penicillins
Pen-Vee penicillin V (benzathine) antibiotics penicillins
Apo-Pen V-K penicillin V (potassium) antibiotics penicillins
Pondocillin pivampicillin antibiotics penicillins
Tetracyn tetracycline antibiotics tetracyclines
Ceclor cefaclor antibiotics cephalosporins
Duricef cefadroxyl antibiotics cephalosporins
Kefzol cefazolin sodium antibiotics cephalosporins
Suprax cefixime antibiotics cephalosporins
Cefzil cefprozil antibiotics cephalosporins
Rocephin ceftriaxone disodium antibiotics cephalosporins
Ceftin cefuroxime axetil antibiotics cephalosporins
Keflex cephalexin monohydrate antibiotics cephalosporins
Dalacin C clindamycin antibiotics
Fucidin fusidic acid antibiotics
Garamycin gentamicin antibiotics
Mycifradin neomycin antibiotics
Nebcin tobramycin antibiotics
Nemasol aminosalicylate sodium antitubercular agents
Myambutol ethambutol antitubercular agents
Isotamine isoniazide antitubercular agents
Tebrazid pyrazinamide antitubercular agents
Mycobutin rifabutin antitubercular agents
Rimactane rifampin antitubercular agents
Rofact rifampin antitubercular agents
Rifadin rifampin antitubercular agents
Ziagen abacavir antivirals
Zovirax acyclovir antivirals
Rescriptor delavirdine antivirals
Sustiva efavirenz antivirals
Famvir famciclovir antivirals
Cytovene ganciclovir antivirals
Crixavan indinavir antivirals
3TC lamivudine antivirals
Combivir lamivudine & zidovudine antivirals
Viracept nelfinavir antivirals
Viramune nevirapine antivirals
Norvir ritonavir antivirals
Invirase saquinavir anitivirals
Zerit stavudine anitivirals
Valtrex valacyclovir antivirals
Retrovir zidovudine antivirals
Aralen chloroquine antimalarials
Plaquenil hydroxychloroquine antimalarials
Dagenan sulfapyridine sulfonamides
Salazopyrin sulfasalazine sulfonamides
Trikacide metronidazole trichomonacides
Flagyl metronidazole trichomonacides
MacroBID nitrofurantoin urinary anti-infectives
Macrodantin nirtofurantoin urinary anti-infectives
Cipro ciprofloxacin anti-infectives
Levaquin levofloxacin anti-infectives
Floxin olfloxacin anti-infectives
Septra sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim anti-infectives
Bactrim sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim anti-infectives
Coptin trimethoprim & sulfadiazine anti-infectives
Proloprim trimethoprim anti-infectives
Hexalen altretamine antineoplastic agents
Methotrexate amethopterin antineoplastic agents
Arimidex anatrozole antineoplastic agents
Casodex bicalutamide antineoplastic agents
Suprefact buserelin antineoplastic agents
Myleran busulfan antineoplastic agents
Leukeran chlorambucil antineoplastic agents
Leustatin cladribine antineoplastic agents
Procytox cyclophosphamide antineoplastic agents
Cytoxan cyclophosphamide antineoplastic agents
Androcur cyproterone antineoplastic agents
Cytosar cytarabine antineoplastic agents
DTIC dacarbazine antineoplastic agents
Cerubidine daunorubicin antineoplastic agents
Vepesid etoposide antineoplastic agents
Euflex flutamide antineoplastic agents
Zoladex goserelin antineoplastic agents
Hydrea hydroxyurea antineoplastic agents
Roferon-A interferon alfa-2A antineoplastic agents
Intron A interferon alfa-2B antineoplastic agents
Wellferon inteferon alfa-N1 antineoplastic agents
Femara letrozole antineoplastic agents
Lupron Depot leuprolide antineoplastic agents
Megace megestrol antineoplastic agents
Alkeran melphalan antineoplastic agents
Anandron nilutamide antineoplastic agents
Natulan procarbazine antineoplastic agents
Zanosar streptozocin antineoplastic agents
Tomofen tomaxifen antineoplastic agents
Nolvadex tomaxifen antineoplastic agents
Temodal temozolomide antineoplastic agents
Velbe vinblastine antineoplastic agents
Oncovin vincristine antineoplastic agents
Duvoid bethanechol cholinergic agents
Urecholine bethanechol cholinergic agents
Aricept donepezil cholinergic agents
Prostigmin neostigmine cholinergic agents
Exelon rivastigmine cholinergic agents
Cogentin benztropine cholinergic blocking agents
Parsitan ethopropazine cholinergic blocking agents
Urispas flavoxate cholinergic blocking agents
Combivent ipratropium & salbutamol cholinergic blocking agents
Atrovent ipratropium cholinergic blocking agents
Ditropan oxybutynin cholinergic blocking agents
Kemadrin procyclidine cholinergic blocking agents
Artane trihexyphenidyl cholinergic blocking agents
Vaponefrin epinephrine adrenergic agents
Adrenalin epinephrine adrenergic agents
Berotec fenoterol adrenergic agents
Foradil formoterol adrenergic agents
Oxeze formoterol adrenergic agents
Isuprel isoproterenol adrenergic agents
alupent orciprenaline adrenergic agents
Maxair pirbuterol adrenergic agents
Sudafed pseudoephedrine adrenergic agents
Robidrine pseudoephedrine adrenergic agents
Airomir salbutamol adrenergic agents
Ventodisk salbutamol adrenergic agents
Ventolin salbutamol adrenergic agents
Asmavent salbutamol adrenergic agents
Serevent salmeterol adrenergic agents
Advair salmeterol & fluticasone adrenergic agents
Bricanyl terbutaline adrenergic agents
Cafergot-PB ergotamine & pentobarbital adrenergic blocking agents
Cafergot ergotamine adrenergic blocking agents
Ergomar ergotamine adrenergic blocking agents
Sansert methylsergide adrenergic blocking agents
Sandomigran pizotyline adrenergic blocking agents
Lioresal baclofen skeletal muscle relaxants
Liotec baclofen skeletal muscle relaxants
Flexeril cyclobenzaprine skeletal muscle relaxants
Dantrium dantrolene skeletal muscle relaxants
Norflex orphenadrine skeletal muscle relaxants
Palafer ferrous fumarate antianemia drugs
Cerevon ferrous succinate antianemia drugs
Fer-In-Sol ferrous sulfate antianemia drugs
Jectofer Iron sorbitol antianemia drugs
Fragmin dalteparin anti-coagulants
Hepalean heparin anti-coagulants
Fraxiparine nadroparin anti-coagulants
Sintrom nicoumalone anti-coagulants
Innohep tinzaparin anti-coagulants
Coumadin warfarin anti-coagulants
Trental pentoxifylline hemorrheologic agents
Rhotral acebutolol cardiac drugs
Sectral acebutolol cardiac drugs
Monitan acebutolol cardiac drugs
Cordarone amiodarone cardiac drugs
Norvasc amoldipine cardiac drugs
Tenormin atenolol cardiac drugs
Tenolin atenolol cardiac drugs
Coreg carvedilol cardiac drugs
Lanoxin digoxin cardiac drugs
Tiazac diltiazem cardiac drugs
Cardizem diltiazem cardiac drugs
Rythmodan disopyramide cardiac drugs
Tambocor flecainide cardiac drugs
Lopresor metoprolol cardiac drugs
Betaloc metoprolol cardiac drugs
Mexitil mexiletine cardiac drugs
Corgard nadolol cardiac drugs
Adalat nifedipine cardiac drugs
Pronestyl procainamide cardiac drugs
Rythmol propafenone cardiac drugs
Inderal propranolol cardiac drugs
Quinate quinidine cardiac drugs
Sotacor sotalol cardiac drugs
Sotamol sotalol cardiac drugs
Blocadren timolol cardiac drugs
Tonocard tocainide cardiac drugs
Isoptin verapamil cardiac drugs
Lipitor atorvastatin antilipemic drugs
Bezalip bezafibrate antilipemic drugs
Baycol cerivastatin antilipemic drugs
Questran chlostyramine resin antilipemic drugs
Atormid-S clofibrate antilipemic drugs
Colestid clostipol antilipemic drugs
Lipidil fenofibrate antilipemic drugs
Lescol fluvastatin antilipemic drugs
Lopid gemfibrazil antilipemic drugs
Mevacor lovastatin antilipemic drugs
Pravachol pravastatin antilipemic drugs
Zocor simvastatin antilipemic drugs
Tenoretic atenolo & chlorthalidone hypotensive drugs
Lotensin benazepril hypotensive drugs
Atacand candesartan hypotensive drugs
Capoten captopril hypotensive drugs
Captril captopril hypotensive drugs
Inhibace cilazapril hypotensive drugs
Catapres clonidine hypotensive drugs
Inhibace Plus cilazapril & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Cardura doxazosin hypotensive drugs
Vasotec enalapril hypotensive drugs
Plendil felodipine hypotensive drugs
Renedil ER felodipine hypotensive drugs
Monopril fosinopril hypotensive drugs
Ismelin guanethidine hypotensive drugs
Apresoline hydralazine hypotensive drugs
Avapro irbesartan hypotensive drugs
Avalide irbesartan & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Trandate labetalol hypotensive drugs
Zestoretic lisinopril & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Prinzide lisinopril & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Prinvil lisinopril hypotensive drugs
Zestril lisinopril hypotensive drugs
Cozaar losartan hypotensive drugs
Hyzaar losartant & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Aldodril methyldopa & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Aldomet methyldopa hypotensive drugs
Loniten minoxidil hypotensive drugs
Adalat nifedipine hypotensive drugs
Trasicor oxprenolol hypotensive drugs
Coversyl perindopril hypotensive drugs
Viskazide pindolol & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Visken pindolol hypotensive drugs
Minipress prazosin hypotensive drugs
Inderide propranolol & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Accupril quinapril hypotensive drugs
Accuretic quinapril & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Altace ramipril hypotensive drugs
Serpasil reserpine hypotensive drugs
Micardis telmisartan hypotensive drugs
Hytrin terazosin hypotensive drugs
Mavik trandolapril hypotensive drugs
Timolide timolol & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Diovan valsartan hypotensive drugs
Diovan-HCT valsartan & hydrochlorothiazide hypotensive drugs
Chronovera verapamil hypotensive drugs
Isoptin verapamil hypotensive drugs
Verelan verapamil hypotensive drugs
Cedocard isosorbide hypotensive drugs
Isordil isosorbide hypotensive drugs
Coronex isosorbide hypotensive drugs
Nimotop nimodipine hypotensive drugs
Nitrol nitroglycerin vasodilating drugs
Minitran nitroglycerin vasodilating drugs
Nitro-Dur nitroglycerin vasodilating drugs
Nitrostat nitroglycerin vasodilating drugs
Nitrolingual nitroglycerin vasodilating drugs
Celebrex celecoxib analgesics NSAIDs
Entrophen acetylsalicylic acid analgesics NSAIDs
Novasen acetylsalicylic acid analgesics NSAIDs
Arthrotec diclofenac & misoprostol analgesics NSAIDs
Voltaren diclofenac analgesics NSAIDs
Diclotec diclofenac analgesics NSAIDs
Dolobid diflunisal analgesics NSAIDs
Nalfon fenoprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Idarac floctafenine analgesics NSAIDs
Froben flubiprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Ansaid flubiprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Motrin ibuprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Indocid indomethacin analgesics NSAIDs
Indotec indomethacin analgesics NSAIDs
Rhodacine indomethacin analgesics NSAIDs
Rhodis ketoprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Orudis ketoprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Orafen ketoprofen analgesics NSAIDs
Ponstan mefenamic analgesics NSAIDs
Mobicox meloxicam analgesics NSAIDs
Naprosyn naproxen analgesics NSAIDs
Naxen naproxen analgesics NSAIDs
Feldene piroxicam analgesics NSAIDs
Clinoril sulindac analgesics NSAIDs
Surgam tiaprofenic acid analgesics NSAIDs
Tolectin tolmetin analgesics NSAIDs
Tylenol #/1/2/3/4 acetaminophen & codeine 8/15/30/60mg analgesics opiate agonists
Emtec acetaminophen & codeine analgesics opiate agonists
Empracet acetaminophen & codeine analgesics opiate agonists
AC & C acetylsalicylic acid & codeine analgesics opiate agonists
282/ 292 acetylsalicylic acid & codeine analgesics opiate agonists
Leritine anileridne analgesics opiate agonists
Duragesic fentanyl analgesics opiate agonists
Hydromorph Contin hydromorphone analgesics opiate agonists
Dilaudid hydromorphone analgesics opiate agonists
Demerol meperidine analgesics opiate agonists
M.O.S. morphine HCL analgesics opiate agonists
Morphitec morphine HCL analgesics opiate agonists
M-Eslon morphine sulfate analgesics opiate agonists
MS Contin morphine sulfate analgesics opiate agonists
Statex morphine sulfate analgesics opiate agonists
Kadian morphine sulfate analgesics opiate agonists
MS-IR morphine sulfate analgesics opiate agonists
Oxycontin oxycodone analgesics opiate agonists
Percocet oxycodone & acetaminophen analgesics opiate agonists
Oxycocet oxycodone & acetaminophen analgesics opiate agonists
Endocet oxycodone & acetaminophen analgesics opiate agonists
Percodan oxycodone & acetylsalicylic acid analgesics opiate agonists
Oxycodan oxycodone & acetylsalicylic acid analgesics opiate agonists
Endodan oxycodone & acetylsalicylic acid analgesics opiate agonists
Robigesic acetaminophen analgesics & antipyretics
Atasol acetaminophen analgesics & antipyretics
Abenol acetaminophen analgesics & antipyretics
ACET acetaminophen analgesics & antipyretics
Panadol acetaminophen analgesics & antipyretics
Tegretol carbamazepine anticonvulsants
Frisium clobazam anticonvulsants
Rivotril clonazepam anticonvulsants
Epival divalproex anticonvulsants
Zarontin ethosuximide anticonvulsants
Neurontin gabapentin anticonvulsants
Lamictal lamotrigine anticonvulsants
Celontin methsuximide anticonvulsants
Phenobarbital phenobarbital anticonvulsants
Dilantin phenytoin anticonvulsants
Mysoline primidone anticonvulsants
Topamax topiramate anticonvulsants
Depakene valproic acid anticonvulsants
Sabril vigabatrin anticonvulsants
Elavil amitriptyline antidepressants
Asendin amoxapine antidepressants
Wellbutrin bupropion antidepressants
Celexa citalopram antidepressants
Anafranil clomipramine antidepressants
Pertofrane desipramine antidepressants
Sinequan doxepin antidepressants
Triadapin doxepin antidepressants
Prozac fluoxetine antidepressants
Luvox fluvoxamine antidepressants
Tofranil imipramine antidepressants
Ludiomil maprotiline antidepressants
Manerix moclobemide antidepressants
Aventyl nortriptyline antidepressants
Norventyl nortriptyline antidepressants
Paxil paroxetine antidepressants
Nardil phenelzine antidepressants
Triptil protriptyline antidepressants
Zoloft sertraline antidepressants
Parnate tranylcypromine antidepressants
Desyrel trazodone antidepressants
Trazorel trazodone antidepressants
Rhotrimine trimipramine antidepressants
Surmontil trimipramine antidepressants
Effexor venlafaxine antidepressants
Xanax alprazolam tranquilizers
Lectopam bromazepam tranquilizers
Librium chlordiazepoxide tranquilizers
Largactil chlorpromazine tranquilizers
Tranxene clorazepate tranquilizers
Diastat diazepam tranquilizers
Vivol diazepam tranquilizers
Fluanxol flupenthixol tranquilizers
Modecate fluphenazine tranquilizers
Moditen fluphenazine tranquilizers
Haldol haloperidol tranquilizers
Atarax hydroxyzine tranquilizers
Multipax hydroxyzine tranquilizers
Ativan lorazepam tranquilizers
Serentil mesoridazine tranquilizers
Zyprexa olanzapine tranquilizers
Serax oxazepam tranquilizers
Neuleptil pericyazine tranquilizers
Trilafon perphenazine tranquilizers
Orap pimozide tranquilizers
Stemetil prochlorperazine tranquilizers
Seroquel quetiapine tranquilizers
Risperdal risperidone tranquilizers
Mellaril thioridazine tranquilizers
Navane thiothixene tranquilizers
Stelazine trifluoperazine tranquilizers
Tryptan L-tryptophan psychotropics
Carbolith lithium carbonate psychotropics
Lithane lithium carbornate psychotropics
Loxapac loxapine psychotropics
Dexedrine dexamphetamine C.N.S. stimulants
Ritalin methylphenidate C.N.S. stimulants
Amytal Sodium amobarbital sedatives & hypnotics
Butisol Sodium butabarbital sedstives & hypnotics
Dalmane flurazepam sedatives & hypnotics
Nozinan methotrimeprazine sedatives & hypnotics
Mogadon nitrazepam sedatives & hypnotics
Nembutal pentobarbital sedatives & hypnotics
Seconal secobarbital sedatives & hypnotics
Restoril temazepam sedatives & hypnotics
Halcion triazolam sedatives & hypnotics
Sodium Bicarbonate sodium bicarbonate alkalinizing agents
Os-Cal calcium carbonate replacement agents
Pedialyte electrolyte & dextrose replacement agents
Gastrolye electrolyte & dextrose replacement agents
Colyte PEG-electrolytes replacement agents
Potassium Sandoz potassium chloride replacement agents
K-10 potassium chloride replacement agents
K-Lor potassium chloride replacement agents
K-Lyte/Cl potassium chloride replacement agents
Kaon potassium gluconate replacement agents
Kayexalate polystyrene sodium potassium-removing resins
Moduret amiloride & hydrochlorothiazide diuretics
Novamilor amiloride & hydrochlorothiazide diuretics
Midamor amiloride diuretics
Hygroton chlorthalidone diuretics
Lasix furosemide diuretics
Aldactiazide hydrochlorothiazide & spironolactone diuretics
Dyazide hydrochlorothiazide & triamterene diuretics
HydroDIURIL hydrochlorothiazide diuretics
Lozide indapamide diuretics
Zaroxolyn metolazone diuretics
Amatine midodrine diuretics
Aldactone spironolactone diuretics
Dyrenium triamterene diuretics
Benemid probenecid uricosuric drugs
Benuryl probenecid uricosuric drugs
Koffex dextromethorphan antitissives
Hycodan hydrocodone antitussives
Robidone hydrocodone antitussives
Robitussin guaifenesin expectorants
Baciquent bacitracin antibiotics
Soframycin framycetin antibiotics
Garasone gentamicin & betamethasone antibiotics
Garamycin gentamicin antibiotics
Alcomicin gentamicin antibiotics
Diogent gentamicin antibiotics
Polysporin polymyxin B & bacitracin antibiotics
Neosporin polymyxin B & neomycin & bacitracin antibiotics
Synalar Bi-Otic polymyxin B & neomycin & fluocinolone antibiotics
Cortisporin polymyxin B & neomycin & hydrocortisone antibiotics
Tobradex tobramycin & dexamethasone antibiotics
Tobrex tobramycin antibiotics
Sulamyd sulfacetamide sulfonamides
Cetamide sulfacetamide sulfonamides
Herplex idoxuridine anti-infectives
Ocuflox ofloxacin anti-infectives
Viroptic trifluridine anti-infectives
Vancenase beclomethasone anti-inflammatory agents
Beconase beclomethasone anti-inflammatory agents
Rhinocort budesonide anti-inflammatory agents
Maxidex dexamethasone anti-inflammatory agents
Decadron dexamethasone anti-inflammatory agents
Diodex dexamethasone anti-inflammatory agents
Locacorten-Vioform flumethasone & iodochlorhydroxyquin anti-inflammatory agents
Rhinalar flunisolide anti-inflammatory agents
FML fluorometholone anti-inflammatory agents
Acular ketololac anti-inflammatory agents
Alomide lodoxamide anti-inflammatory agents
Pred Mild /Pred Forte predinisolone anti-inflammatory agents
Ophtho-Tate prednisolone anti-inflammatory agents
Inflamase Mild/ Forte prednisolone anti-inflammatory agents
Tantum benzydamine local anesthetics
Xylocaine Viscous lidocaine local anesthetics
Isopto Carbachol carbachol local anesthetics
E-Pilo 4 pilocarpine & epinephrine miotics
Pilopine HS pilocarpine miotics
Isopto Carpine pilocarpine miotics
Miocarpine pilocarpine miotics
Timpilo timolol & pilocarpine miotics
Atropisol atropine mydriatics
Propine dipivefrin mydriatics
Epifrin epinephrine mydriatics
Albalon naphazoline vasoconstrictors
Opcon naphazoline vasoconstrictors
Diamox acetazolimide eye preparations
Betoptic S betaxolol antiglaucoma agents
Alphagan brimonidine eye preparations
Azopt brinzolamide eye preparations
Voltaren Ophtha diclofenac analgesics anti-inflammatory
Trusopt dorzolamide eye preparation
Cosopt dorzolamide & timolol eye preparation
Xalatan latanoprost eye preparation
Betagan levobunolol eye preparation
Opticrom sodium cromglycate eye preparation
Timoptic-XE timolol eye preparation
Diovol EX aluminum/magnesium hydroxide antacids and adsorbents
Maalox TC aluminum/magnesium hydroxide antacids and adsorbents
Univol aluminum/magnesium hydroxide antacids and adsorbents
Gelusil Extra aluminum/magnesium hydroxide antacids and adsorbents
Milk of Magnesia magnesium hydroxide antacids and adsorbents
Lomotil diphenoxylate & atropine antidiarrhea agents
Imodium loperamide antidiarrhea agents
Dulcolax bisacodyl cathartics (laxatives)
Castor oil castor oil cathartics (laxatives)
Surfak docusate calcium cathartics (laxatives)
Colace docusate sodium cathartics (laxatives)
Regulax docusate sodium cathartics (laxatives)
Soflax docusate sodium cathartics (laxatives)
Glycerin glycerin cathartics (laxatives)
Fibyrax grain & citrus fibre cathartics (laxatives)
Fleet sodium biphosphate & phosphate cathartics (laxatives)
Mineral oil mineral oil cathartics (laxatives)
Prodiem Plain psyllium mucilloid cathartics (laxatives)
Metamucil psyllium mucilloid cathartics (laxatives)
Senokot sennosides A&B cathartics (laxatives)
Microlax sodium citrate&sodium lauryl sulfoacetate cathartics (laxatives)
Trasylol aprotinin digestants
Cotazym pancrelipase = lipase & amylase & protease digestants
Creon pancrelipase = lipase & amylase & protease digestants
Viokase pancrelipase = lipase & amylase & protease digestants
Marinol delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol antiemetics & antinauseants
Gravol dimenhydrinate antiemetics & antinauseants
Anzemet dolasetron antiemetics & antinauseants
Kytryl granisetron antiemetics & antinauseants
Bonamine meclizine antiemetics & antinauseants
Cesamet nabilone antiemetics & antinauseants
Zofran ondansetron antiemetics & antinauseants
Pentasa 5-aminosalicylic acid miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Tagamet cimetidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Peptol cimetidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Motilium domperidone miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Pepcid famotidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Ulcidine famotidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Cortifoam hydrocortisone miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Hycort hydrocortisone miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Cortenema hydrocortisone miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Acilac lactulose miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Cephulac lactulose miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Prevacid lansoprazole miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Hp-Pac lansoprazole & clarithromycin & amoxicillin miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Reglan metoclopramide miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Maxeran metoclopramide miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Cytotec misoprostol miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Axid nizatidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Dipentum olsalazine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Losec omeprazole miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Pantoloc pantoprazole miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Pylorid ranitidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Zantac ranitidine miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Sulcrate sucralfate miscellaneous G.I. drugs
Ridaura auranofin gold compounds
Myochrysine sodium aurothiomalate gold compounds
Cupramine penicillamine heavy metal antagonists
Depen penicillamine heavy metal antagonists
Vanceril beclomethasone dipropionate corticosteroids
QVAR beclomethasone dipropionate corticosteroids
Pulmicort budesonide corticosteroids
Cortone cortisone acetate croticosteroids
Decadron dexamethasone 21-phosphate corticosteroids
Florinef fludrocortisone acetate corticosteroids
Flovent fluticasone corticosteroids
Cortef hydrocortisone corticosteroids
Depo-Medrol methylprednisolone acetate corticosteroids
Medrol methylprednisolone corticosteroids
Pediapre prednisolone sodium phosphate corticosteroids
Winpred prednisone corticosteroids
Deltasone prednisone corticosteroids
Azmacort triamcinolone acetonide corticosteroids
Kenalog triamcinolone acetonide corticosteroids
Aristocort triamcinolone corticosteroids
Cyclomen danazol androgens
Halotestin fluoxymesterone androgens
Metandren methyltestosterone androgens
Synarel nafarelin androgens
Depo-Testosterone testosterone androgens
Andriol testosterone androgens
Premarin conjugated estrogens estrogens
C.E.S conjugated estrogens estrogens
Dienestrol dienestrol estrogens
Estracomb estraderm & estragest estrogens
Estraderm estradiol 17-B estrogens
Vivelle estradiol 17-B estrogens
Estrogel estradiol 17-B estrogens
Estring estradiol estrogens
Ogen estropipate estrogens
Estinyl ethyl estradiol estrogens
Stilboestrol stilboestrol estrogens
Prandase acarbose oral anti-diabetic agents
Diabinese chlopropamide oral anti-diabetic agents
Euglucon glyburide oral anti-diabetic agents
Diabeta glyburide oral anti-diabetic agents
Glucophage metformin oral anti-diabetic agents
Glycon metformin oral anti-diabetic agents
Orinase tolbutamide oral anti-diabetic agents
Mobenol tolbutamide oral anti-diabetic agents
Humulin R insulin rapid acting insulins
Novolin geToronto insulin rapid acting insulins
Humalog insulin lispro anti-diabetic agents
Humulin N insulin intermediate acting insulins
Novolin ge NPH insulin intermediate acting insulins
Humulin L Lente insulin intermediate acting insulins
Novolin ge Lente insulin intermediate acting insulins
Humulin-U Ultralente insulin long acting insulin
Novolin ge Ultralente insulin long acting insulin
Calcimar calcitonin parathyroid agents
Caltine calcitonin parathyroid agents
DDAVP desmopressin pituitary agents
Octostim desmopressin pituitary agents
Marvelon 21/ 28 desogestrel & ethinyl estradiol oral contraceptives
Ortho-cept desogestrel & ethinyl estradiol oral contraceptives
Demulen ethinyl estradiol & ethynodiol oral contraceptives
Alesse ethinyl estradiol & levonorgestrel oral contraceptives
Triphasil ethinyl estradiol & levonorgestrel oral contraceptives
Min-Ovral ethinyl estradiol & levonorgestrel oral contraceptives
Triquilar 21/ 28 ethinyl estradiol & levonorgestrel oral contraceptives
Minestrin ethinyl estradiol & norethindrone oral contraceptives
Loestrin ethinyl estradiol & norethindrone oral contraceptives
Ortho ethinyl estradiol & norethindrone oral contraceptives
Ortho 7/7/7 ethinyl estradio & norethindrone oral contraceptives
Brevicon ethinyl estradiol & norethindrone oral contraceptives
Synphasic ethinyl estradiol & norethindrone oral contraceptives
Ovral ethinyl estradiol & norgestrel oral contraceptives
Plan B levonorgestrel oral contraceptives
Depo-Provera medroxyprogesterone progesterones
Provera medroxyprogesterone progesterones
Micronor norethindrone oral contraceptives
Tri-Cyclen norgestimate & ethinyl estradiol oral contraceptives
Cyclen norgestimate & ethinyl estradiol oral contraceptives
Synthroid levothyroxine thyroids
Eltroxin levothyroxine thyroids
Thyroid thyroid thyroids
Tapazole methimazole anti-thyroids
Propyl-Thyracil propylthiouracil anti-thyroids
Ergotrate ergonovine oxytocics
Baciguent bacitracin antibiotics
Sans-Acne erythromycin & ethyl alcohol antibiotics
Staticin erythromycin antibiotics
Fucidin fusidic acid antibiotics
Bactroban mupirocin antibiotics
Myciguent neomycin antibiotics
Clotrimaderm clotrimazole fungicides
Canesten clotrimazole fungicides
Myclo-Derm clotrimazole fungicides
Ecostatin econazole fungicides
Diflucan fluconazole fungicides
Nizoral ketoconazole fungicides
Monistat Derm miconazole fungicides
Micatin miconazole fungicides
Mycostatin nystatin fungicides
Nadostine nystatin fungicides
Nyaderm nystatin fungicides
Nilstat nystatin fungicides
Lamisil terbinafine fungicides
Terazol terconazole fungicides
Trosyd tioconazole fungicides
Scabene esdepallethrin & piperonyl parasiticides
Kwellada lindane parasiticides
Nix permethrin parasiticides
Top Sol pyrethrins & petroleum parasiticides
Flagystatin metronidazole & nystatin anti-infectives
MetroCream metronidazole anti-infectives
Noritate metronidazole anti-infectives
Metrogel metronidazole anti-infectives
Flagyl metronidazole anti-infectives
Betadine povidone anti-infectives
Proviodine povidone anti-infectives
Flamazine silver sulfadiazine anti-infectives
Cyclocort amcinonide anti-infectives
Propaderm beclomethasone anti-inflammatory
Beben betamethasone benzoate anti-inflammatory
Diprolene betamethasone anti-inflammatory
Topilene betamethasone anti-inflammatory
Diprosone betamethasone anti-inflammatory
TARO-SONE betamethasone anti-inflammatory
Betnovate betamethasone valerate anti-inflammatory
Celestoderm-V betamethasone valerate anti-inflammatory
Ectosone betamethasone valerate anti-inflammatory
Betaderm betamethasone valerate anti-inflammatory
Dermasone clobetasol anti-inflammatory
Dermovate clobetasol anti-inflammatory
Eumovate clobetasol anti-inflammatory
Desocort desonide anti-inflammatory
Tridesilon desonide anti-inflammatory
Valisone betamethasone valerate anti-inflammatory
Florone diflorasone anti-inflammatory
Nerisone diflucortolone anti-inflammatory
Locacorten flumethasone anti-inflammatory
Synalar fluocinolone anti-inflammatory
Fluoderm fluocinolone anti-inflammatory
Synamol floucinolone anti-inflammatory
Trisyn fluocinonide & procinonide & ciprocinonide anti-inflammatory
Lyderm fluocinonide anti-inflammatory
Lidex fluocinonide anti-inflammatory
Tiamol floucinonide anti-inflammatory
Topsyn floucinonide anti-inflammatory
Halog halcinonide anti-inflammatory
Calmurid-HC hydrocortisone & urea anti-inflammatory
Uremol-HC hydrocortisone & urea anti-inflammatory
Corticreme hydrocortisone acetate anti-inflammatory
Hyderm hydrocortisone acetate anti-inflammatory
Westcort hydrocortisone valerate anti-inflammatory
Cortate hydrocortisone anti-inflammatory
Emo-Cort hydrocortisone anti-inflammatory
Cortoderm hydrocortisone anti-inflammatory
Medrol methylprednisolone anti-inflammatory
Elocom mometasone anti-inflammatory
Oracort triamcinolone in orabase anti-inflammatory
Kenalog-Orabase triamcinolone in orabase anti-inflammatory
Triaderm triamcinolone anti-inflammatory
Aristocort triamcinolone anti-inflammatory
Anthranol anthralin keratolytic agents
AcetOxyl benzoyl peroxide keratolytic agents
Panoxyl benzoyl peroxide keratolytic agents
Benzac W benzoyl peroxide keratolytic agents
Benoxyl benzoyl peroxide keratolytic agents
Oxyderm benzoyl peroxide keratolytic agents
Keralyt salicylic acid keratolytic agents
Stievamycin Gel tretinoin & erythromycin keratolytic agents
Stieva-A tretinoin keratolytic agents
Estar coal tar extract keratolytic agents
Soriatane acitretin skin & mucous membrane agents
Dovonex calcipotriol skin & mucous membrane agents
Santyl collagenase skin & mucous membrane agents
Efudex fluorouracil skin & mucous membrane agents
Accutane isotretinoin skin & mucous membrane agents
Oxsoralen methoxsalen skin & mucous membrane agents
Anuzinc zinc sulfate skin & mucous membrane agents
Anusol zinc sulfate skin & mucous membrane agents
Phyllocontin aminophylline spasmolytics
Choledyl oxtriphylline spasmolytics
Slo-Bid theophylline spasmolytics
Theo-Dur theophylline spasmolytics
Uniphyl theophylline spasmolytics
Theolair theophylline spasmolytics
Aquasol A vitamin A vitamin A
Rubiramin cyanocobalmine (vit. B 12) vitamin B
Folvite folic acid (vit. B 9) vitamin B
Leucovorin Calcium leucovorin calcium vitamin B
Niacin nicotinic acid (vit. B 3) vitamin B
Vitamin B6 pyridoxine vitamin B
Vitamin B1 thiamine vitamin B
Vitamine C ascorbic acid vitamin C
One-Alpha alfacalcidol vitamin D
Rocaltrol calcitriol vitamin D
Hytakerol dihydrotachysterol vitamin D
Drisdol ergocalciferol vitamin D
Ostoforte vitamin D vitamin D
Hexavitamins hexavitamins multivitamins
Fosamax alendronate unclassified
Purinol allopurinol unclassified
Zyloprim allopurinol unclassified
Symmetrel amantadine unclassified
Endantadine amantadine unclassified
Imuran azathioprine unclassified
Botox botulinum toxin unclassified
Parlodel bromocriptine unclassified
Ostac clodronate unclassified
Neoral cyclosporine unclassified
Antabuse disulfiram unclassified
Didronel etidronate unclassified
Didrocal etidronate & calcium carbonate unclassified
Sibelium flunarizine unclassified
Glucagon glucagon unclassified
Lactacid lactase enzyme unclassified
Arava leflunomide unclassified
Prolopa levodopa & benserazide unclassified
Sinemet levodopa & carbidopa unclassified
Rheumatrex methotrexate unclassified
CellCept mycophenolate unclassified
Tilade nedocromil unclassified
Permax pergolide unclassified
Phenazo phenazopyridine unclassified
Pyridium phenazopyridine unclassified
Mirapex pramipexole unclassified
Evista raloxifene unclassified
Actonel risedronate unclassified
ReQuip ropinirole unclassified
Eldepryl selegiline unclassified
Intal sodium cromoglycate unclassified
Fluotic sodium fluoride unclassified
Prograf tacrolimus unclassified
Ticlid ticlopidine unclassified
Detrol tolterodine unclassified
Urso ursodiol unclassified
ReoPro Abciximab Immunoglobulins
CytoGam Cytomegalovirus Immune Globulin CMV-IGIV Immunoglobulins
Digibind Digoxin Immune Fab Immunoglobulins
H-BIG, Hep-B-Gammagee, HyperHep Hepatitis B Immune Globulin, HBIG Immunoglobulins
Gammar Immune Globulin IM, IMIG, IGIM Immunoglobulins
Gammar, Gamimune.Sandoglobulin, Venoglobulin -S Immune Globulin IV, IVIG,IGIV Immunoglobulins
Otthoclone OKT3 Muromonab-CD3 Immunoglobulins
RespiGam Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immune Globulin, RSV-IGIV Immunoglobulins
Gamulin Rh, HypRho-D,MiRoGAM, RhoGAM, WinRho SD Rh[D] Immune Globulin Immunoglobulins
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