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Geography 7th

World geography 7th grade semester exam

Give examples of human characteristics of a place Language Religion Government
What is the area that surrounds the earth's core? Mantle
What causes the seasons? The angle of the sun's rays
When it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is what season in the southern hemisphere? Summer
What is a continental shelf? Plateau off the coast of each continent
Which two gases form about 99% of the atmosphere? Nitrogen Oxygen
What is erosion? Wind, water, ice moving weathered material
Where is most of the earth's salt water found? Ocean
What is water in the form of a gas? Water vapor
What is vegetation? Plants Trees
What is the warming of the earth from the buildup of gases in the air? Greenhouse effect
What is the Gulf Stream? Warm ocean current
What determines a region's climate? Air Water currents Latitude
What is a funnel shaped windstorm that forms over the land? Tornado
What kind of climate do tropical areas have? Hot
What is the strongest unifying force in a culture? Language
How do people express their culture? Art
What areas do geographers divide the world into? Culture regions
What is the main reason people move to cities? Jobs
People prefer to live in places that have good land, favorable climate, and what? Plentiful water
What is famine? Lack of food
What is population density? Number of people per square mile
What kind of energy is produced by the sun? Solar
What are examples of natural resources? Trees, soil, water
What are fossil fuels? Coal, oil, natural gas
What is the Information Revolution? Communicating instantly using technology
Which two countries share the British Isles? United Kingdom and Ireland
Which country is second in the world In exporting food products? France
Name the products produced by: Switzerland Norway Finland Denmark Iceland Belgium (Switzerland) cheese, chocolate, clocks, watches (Norway) oil, natural gas (Finland) forest products (Denmark) butter, bacon, ham, Legos (Iceland) fish (Belgium) chocolate, lace, diamonds
What kind of climate does Egypt have? Desert
Where does Egypt get most of its water? Nile River
What is the largest country in north Africa? Algeria
Why did Libya become wealthy? Oil
Which three countries make up the Maghreb? Tunisia Algeria Morocco
On which two continents is Turkey located? Asia Europe
Which large city is located at the entrance to the Black Sea, which makes it an important trading center? Istanbul
Which country is a land of hot springs and geysers? Iceland
What is the largest desert in Saudi Arabia? Rub al Khali
Which country do the Carpathian Mountains take up one-third of? Romania
What type of government does the Czech Republic have? Parliamentary democracy
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