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Resp001 Final

RT1 Final study guide

1. Describe at least two types of patients that Respiratory Care Practitioners encounter on a daily basis. COPD, Asthma, Geriatric, trauma, stroke, neonatal/pediatric
Identify three areas in which you will find Respiratory Care Practitioners. Emergency rooms, intensive care units, cardiac care untits, neonatal/pediatric intensive care units,
What is the minimum amount of years required in order to become a Respiratory Therapist? two years
What does RCP stand for? respiratory care practioner
At what liter flow do you set a simple oxygen mask? 5-10L/min
What is the reason why a nasal cannula may not deliver a specific FiO2? patient can breathe through mouth
What is the range of FiO2 that can be delivered by Venturi Masks? 28-50% FiO2
CPAP continuos positive airway pressure
OSA obstuctive sleep apnea
What is the potential FiO2 that a Non-Rebreather Mask can deliver? 100% FiO2
At what liter flow do you set a nasal cannula? 1-6 Liters/min
What is the primary purpose of Oropharyngeal Airway? a tube inserted through the mouth and pharynx so that the tongue does not block air flow in an unconscious person
IPAP inspiratory positive airway pressure
EPAP expiratory positive airway pressure
What is the primary purpose of a Nasopharyngeal Airway? air conditioning and delivery
Through which organization are the credentialing exams taken? NBRC – National Board of Respiratory Care
A RCP’s license will be issued by which organization? Respiratory Care Board of California
What is the minimum amount of CEU’s that’s required of RCP’s, and how often do we have to renew? 15 units every 2 years
How often are RCP’s required to take an Ethics course? every 4 years
What is the definition of an exacerbation? increase in severity of a disease or any of its symptoms.
Know the significance of the HYPOXIC DRIVE Most people feel need to inhale and exhale depending on varying levels of CO2 in their bloodstream. Sufferers from COPD, however, have chronically elevated CO2 levels, waiting for a hypoxic dip in their oxygen level as the signal to increase respiration.
how is oxygen carried in the blood? hemoglobin and plasma
What causes shifts in Oxy-Hb Dissociation Curve? Body temperature, 2,3,DPG, PCO2, pH
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