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Unit 9

definitions, synonyms, antonyms

Abominable? arousing hatred; disgusting, detestable
Synonyms for abominable? hateful, despicable, loathsome
Antonyms for abominable? praiseworthy, delightful, charming
Bumbling? blundering and awkward; clumsiness
Synonyms for bumbling? clumsy, stumbling
Antoyms for bumbling? forceful, effective, skillful, adroit
Consequence? a result, effect; importance
Synonyms for consequence? outcome, significance
Antonyms for consequence? cause, source
Delude? to fool, deceive
Synonyms for delude? trick, hoodwick
Dole? to give out in small amounts; money, food, or other necessities given as charity; a small portion
Synonyms for dole? ration, allot, distribute, handout
Engulf? to swallow up, overwelm, consume
Synonyms for engulf? envelop, encompass, immerse
Foil? to defeat; a thin sheet of metal
Synonyms for foil? frustrate, thwart, counter, rapier
Antonyms for foil? aid, abet, assist, advance, promote
Formulate? to express definitely or systematically; to devise, invent
Synonyms for formulate? define, articulate, frame, specify
Initiative? the first step or move
Synonyms for initiative? leadership, enterprise
Antonyms for initiative? laziness, sloth, shiftlessness
Memento? something that serves as a reminder
Synonyms for memento? remembrance, keepsake, souvenir, token
Nonconformist? a person who refuses to follow established ideas or ways of doing things
Synonyms for nonconformist? maverick, individualist
Antonyms for nonconformist? traditionalist, conventionalist
Null and void? without legal force or effect; no longer binding
Synonyms for null and void? canceled, invalid, repealed
Antonyms for null and void? in effect, binding, valid
Panorama? a wide, unobstructed view of an area
Synonyms for panorama? vista, overview
Posterity? all of a person's offspring, descendants; all future generations
Antonyms for posterity? ancestry, ancestors, forebears, the past
Pry? to pull loose by force
Synonyms for pry? snoop, meddle
Refurbish? to brighten, freshen, or polish; to restore or improve
Synonyms for refurbish? remodel, renew
Antonyms for refurbish? delapidate, run down
Resourceful? able to deal promptly and effectively with all sorts of problems
Synonyms for resourceful? inventive, ingenious, skillful
Antonyms for resourceful? uninventive, incompetent
Synonyms for rigorous? tough, trying, challenging
Rigorous? severe, harsh, strict
Antonyms for rigorous? easy, lax, indulgent, undemanding
Subsequent? coming after
Synonyms for subsequent? following, later, next, succeeding, ensuing
Antonyms for subsequent? provious, prior, preceding
Unerring? making no mistakes, faultless
Synonyms for unerring? sure, certain, unfailing
Antonyms for unerring? faulty, fallible, unreliable
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