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Vocab Level B 1-3

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level B Units 1-3 Review

adjacent That which is near or bordering upon neighboring separate
alight To come down and settle, as after flight touch down ascend
barren Vast emptiness without life arid fertile; fruitful
disrupt To disturb or break up something that is happening displace; upset organize; keep order
dynasty An agreement between opposing groups ruling house; regime anarchy; without authority
foretaste A slight and partial experience, knowledge, or taste of something to come in the future; anticipation anticipation; preview unreadiness; unpreparedness
germinate To begin to grow or develop; To cause to come into existence burgeon; grow wilt; shrivel up
humdrum Lacking variety or excitement; Dull; Ordinary boring; prosaic exciting; thrilling
hurtle To rush violently; To speed along; To fling with force fling; catapult crawl; drag
insinuate To imply; To suggest or hint slyly intimate; imply broadcast; announce
interminable Having no limit or end; Endless ceaseless; never-ending short; limited
interrogate To examine formally by questioning query; question reply; tell
recompense Compensation for a loss, service or injury compensation; repay
renovate To repair or restore to good condition recondition; fix up
résumé A brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience job history; synopsis
sullen Silent or brooding because of ill humor morose; grumpy happy; blithe
trickle To flow very slowly in a thin stream or in drops small amount; drip flood; cascade
trivial Of little importance or value trifling; petty significant; consequential
truce An agreement between opposing groups armistice; ceasefire fighting; disagreement
vicious Hurtful; Intending to harm malicious; wicked kind; gentle
available Ready for use on hand; obtainable lacking; short
cater To satisfy the needs of, try to make things easy and pleasant provide; gratify deny; refuse
customary Usual, expected, routine traditional; normal irregular; odd
dissude To discourage, talk out of doing something discourage encourage; talk into
entrepreneur A risk-taker who has the skills and initiative to establish a business impresario employee; worker
firebrand A person who stirs up trouble or incites a revolt rabble-rouser; agitator diplomat; pacifist
hazard An unavoidable danger or risk venture; danger safety; protection
homicide The killing of one person by another manslaughter
indifference A lack of interest or concern unconcern; apathy care; heed
indignant Filled with anger or resentment over something exasperated; outraged content; pleased
indispensable Absolutely necessary, not to be neglected vital; crucial; essential nonessential; unnecessary
lubricate To make slippery or smooth; To reduce friction grease; oil roughen; coarsen
mutual Shared or felt in common by two or more reciprocal; joint one-sided; unilateral
pelt To throw a stream of things pepper; shower
plague To pester or annoy constantly vex; epidemic blessing; boon
poised Balanced, suspended; Calm, controlled ready; self-confident; collected timid; insecure
regime A government in power rule; administration
unscathed Unhurt, intact sound; unimpaired harmed; damaged
transparent Easy to see through or understand obvious; translucent cloudy; opaque
hinder To slow down impede; restrain accelerate; expedite
animated Very active, lively; moved to action vigorous; energetic dead; lifeless
brood To think moodily or anxiously about something agonize; worry pay no attention
culminate To reach a final or climactic stage terminate; conclude begin; commence
downright Absolute, complete; Frankly direct and blunt unqualified; out-and-out; total limited; partial
drone An idle person who lives off of others buzz; hum workaholic; laborer
goad To encourage or urge a person or animal to do something spur on; prod prevent; discourage
indulge To give in to a wish or desire pamper; coddle deny; refuse
constituent an essential part component; element
literate Able to read and write; Having knowledge trained; educated ignorant; uneducated
loom To come into view as a massive, distorted or indistinct image tower; hover disappear; hide
luster The quality of giving off light shine; sheen dullness; tarnish
miscellaneous Consisting of different diverse things varied; diverse identical; matching
oration An elaborate or formal public speech harangue; address quiet; dead air
peevish Easily irritated or annoyed stubborn; testy easygoing; pleasant
seethe To be violently excited or agitated stew; simmer please; soothe
singe A slight or surface burn sear; char incinerate; cremate
unique Being the only one of its kind singular; distinctive commonplace; normal
upright Good and honest; Vertical or straight virtuous; perpendicular corrupt; dishonest
verify To prove to be true with evidence substantiate; validate disprove; refute
hanker To desire strongly or persistently long for; crave hate; detest
Created by: mrsdieringer
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