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bus mgnt

sherman Act the frist major laws promoting competition was the sherman Antirust Act of 1890
Clayton Act Like the sherman the clayton Act of 1914 was aimed at discouraging monoplies
Robinson-Patman Act The Robinson-Patman Act of 1936 amended the portion of the clayton act dealing with pricing good
wheeler-Lea Act in 1938 the wheeler-Lea Act was passed to strengthen earlier laws outlawing unfair methods of competition
flase advertising Is advertising that is misleading in some important ways including the failure to reveal facts about possible result from using the advertised product
price discrimination setting different prices for different customers
fedarl aviation adminstration safety standard,airplane accident,and take-off landing
Federal communication Commission radio,televison,telephone,telegraph,cable,and satellite communication
Food and Drug administration foods,drug,medical device,cosmetic and veterinary product
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nuclear power plant
securities and exchange Commission stock and bands
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was created as the result of many business demanding protection from unfair methods of competitions
Banckrupty Is legal process that allows the selling of assets to pay off debts
patent is an agreement in which the federal government gives an inventors the sole right for 20years
copyright is similar to a patent in that the federal government gives an author the sole right to reproduce,pulish,and sell literay or artistic work for the life author,typically,plus 70 year
trademark is a distingushing name,symbol,or special mark placed on a good or service that is legally reserved for the sole use of the owner
information liability the responsibility for physical or economic injury arising from incorrect data or wrongful use of data
cookies are files of information about the user that some web sites create and store on the user owner name
Interstate commerce is defined as business operation and transaction that cross state lines such as product that are produced in one state and sold in other states
Intrastate commerce on the other hand is defined as business transacted within a state
licensing way to limit and control those who plan to enter certain types of businesses.
public franchise is a contract that permits a person to organization to use public priority for private profit
building codes which control physical features of structures
zoning regulation specify which land area may be used for home and which areas may bused for different type of business
proportional tax is one in which the tax rate remains the same regardless of the amount on which the tax is imposed.
progressive tax is a tax based on the ability to pay
regressive taxation the third type of tax policy
Income tax Is a tax on the profits of business and on earning of individuals
sales tax Is a tax levied on the retail price of goods and services at the time they are sold
excise tax good or services,such as cigarettes and gasoline it is
property tax is a tax on material goods owned
real property tax is a tax o real estate which is land and building.
personal property tax is a tax on possessions that are moveable such furniture,machinery,and equipment.
assessed valuation Is the value of property determined by tax officials.
Data are the original facts and figures that business generate
Information is data that have been processed in some meaningful way that is useful to decision maker
computer is a machine that processes and stores data according to instruction stored in it
hardware the machine parts and anything attached to it
software the instructions that tell the computer what up
(PDA)personal digital assistant Is a computer-like device that can be carried in a pocket and used to among other thing,send and receive message wireless
operating system software is master control program that managers the computer internal function and file systems
application software refers to programs that perform specific task
moore law as this prediction has become known has proven to be rather accurate
WWW made the internet accessible to the average person
hyperlink is web page address embedded in a world,phrase,or graphic that,when clicked, transport user to that address
modem an electronic device inside or outside the computer that enables it to send data over phone lines or cable
ISP) Internet service provider a service that provides access to the internet through the larges computer
browser this is a program that permits you to navigate and view web page
search engine is a program that assists in locating information on the Net.
CIO) Chief information officer not only must have knowledge about electronic equipment but must also possess expert management skills
telecommunication(Data communications) Is the movement of information from one location to another location electronically.
LAN) local area network is a network of linked computer that serves user a single building or building complex
file sever In LAN a computer that stores data and application software for all PC workstations
server more commonly
(WAN) is a network of linked computer that covers wide geographic area such as a state or country
Intranet is a private company network that allows employees to share resource no matter where they are located
Extranet Is a private network that companies use to share certain information with selected people outside the organization,such as suppliers and major customer
firewall uses special software that screens people who enter and/or exit a network by requesting specific information such as passwords
database is a collection of data organized in a way that makes the data easy to find,update,and manage
information system a computer system that process data into meaningful information
(MIS) management information system info system integrate data day to day business
(DSS)decision support systems is a system that helps managers consider alternative in making specific decisions
(EIS)executive information system combines and summarizes ongoing transaction within the company yo provide top-level-executives with information needed made a good decision
ergonomics The science of adapting equipment to work and health need of people.
e-commerce mean doing business online
dot-com business A company that does almost all of its business activities through the internet
brick and mortar bus In the internet age, this term is used to differentiate the businesses which operate from built-up properties or storefronts from those which operate entirely (or almost entirely) from their
pixel short for pix(picture)Element is one or more dots that act as the smallest unit on a video display screen
web hosting service is a private business that maintains the wed sites of individual and organization on it computer for a free
domain name A wed-site owner unique internet address
electronic shopping carts to keep track shopper selection and checkout
communication is the sharing of information in which the receiver understand the meaning of the passage in the way the sender intended
feedback is receivers response to a sender message
distraction causes of communication problem
distortion refers to how people consciously or unconsciously change message
channel of communication message is conveyed. three major channel oral,written,electronic,
flame is an electronic message that contain abusive,threatening,or offensive content that may violate company policy or public law
spam Mass mailing over the internet by sending promotional messages to practically everyone whose email address is known, without asking for anyone's permission.
non-verbal communication Non-verbal communication includes pitch, speed, tone and volume of voice, gestures and facial expressions, body posture, stance, and proximity to the listener, eye movements and contact, and dress and appearance.
communication network is the structure through which information flows in a business
formal communication network is the system of official channel that carry organizationally approved message
Informal communication network are the unofficial ways that employees share information in an organization
grapevine the informal transmission of information among worker
(NGT) nominal group technique is a group problem-solving method in which group members write down and evaluate ideas to be shared with the group
Brainstorming is a group discussion technique used to generate as many ideas as possible for solving a problem
conflict is interference by one person with achievement of another person goal
management is the process of accomplishing the goals of an organization through the effective use of people and other resource
planning involves analyzing information and making decisions about what need to done
organizing is concerned with determine how plan can be accomplished most effectively and arranging resources to complete work
implementing when carrying out the plans and helping employees to work effectively
controlling when evaluation result to determine if the company objective have been accomplished as planned
manager completes all four management function on a regular basis and has authority over other jobs and people
supervisor are typically the first(or begging)level of management in a company and often have many non-managerial activities to perform as well
executive is top-level manager who spends almost all his or her time on management function
mid-manager completes all of the management function but spend most of the time on one management functions such as planning or controlling
problem is a difficult situation requiring a solution.
symptom is sign or indication of something that appear to be a problem
input data Device .keyboard .mouse. ,scanner .voice recognition system .digital camera
output device .monitor .disk. .hard drive .printer
accounting maintain general and specific accounting record such as accounts receivable,account,payable and general ledger
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