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Social studies with Ms. Neal QUIZ

The Incan empire stretched from Ecuador south along the ______ coast though Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina Pacific
The city of ______ now present day Peru, was the Incan center of government. a Spanish explorer who visited this city described it as large and handsome enough to compare to any city in Spain Cuzco
An extensive system of ______ helped the Incas govern their vast empire roads
Incan officials counted people in the empire so they could be ______ taxed
The main god of the Incas was Inti, the ____ god sun
In the 1500s, the Incas were conquered by the _____ Spanish
Descendants of the Incas still live in present-day _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru
Define Aqueduct a pipe or channel designed to carry waster from a distant source.
Define quipu Knotted string that Incan used to record information such as birth dates or death dates
Mayan location South Mexico and Central America
Mayan peak years 300 AD- 900 AD
Mayan main cities Copan and Tikal
Mayan main achievements Agriculture, accurate calendar, hieroglyphics, number system
Aztec Location Valley of Mexico and Lake Texcoco
Aztec peak years 1100 AD- late 1400s AD
Aztec main city Tenochtitlan
Aztec main achievements Medicines, astronomers, hieroglyphics, jewelry pottery garments sculpture
define hieroglyphics Mayan writing using signs and symbols
define maize main food eaten by Mayas, a type of corn
Created by: sarahy