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cosmetology finals


direction in which that hair grows from scalp natural falling position
described as FINE,MEDIAM OR COARSE texture
described as THIN, MEDIUM OR THICK hair density
amount of movement in a hair strand wave pattern
amount of pressure applied when combing a section tension
what are the complemantary colors red yellow blue
what is develeoper called hydrogen peroxide
what is the most common developer used with permanent hair color 20 volume
one step color service requires what developer 40 volume
what is the critical part of a color service client consultaion
how many levels can hair be discolorized 10
when doing a single color proccess single process
when a doing a double color process 2 step process
the haires ability to absorb moistore hair porosity
what type of hair takes the longest to process coarse hair
type of hair that is porous and takes color quickly high porosity
the unit to mesaure the lightness or darkness of a color level
what type of tones look darker cool tones
tones are described as... COOL WARM AND NEUTRAL
what are the primary colors RED YELLOW BLUE
what are the secondary colors VIOLETTE GREEN ORANGE
what color cancels out RED GREEN
what color cancels out YELLOW VIOLETTE
what color cancels out BLUE ORANGE
Created by: bow11