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cos finals

cosmetology final 2012

what hair takes longer to process corse textured hair
what is porosity the ability for hair to absorb moisture
what is high porosity hair that is porous and takes color quickly
what is the unit of measurment used to identify the lightness or darkness of a color level
what are the tones cool warm and neutral
what are the colors blue-orange red-green yellow-purple
what colors make ash greens and blues
red+blue= violet
what makes complementary colors primary and secondary
most common developer hydrogen peroxide
maximum lift 40 hydrogen peroxide
standard volume developer used with permanent hair color 20
most critical part of color service is consultation
diameter of the hair corse medium or fine
how the hair feels oily,dry,wirey
shape of the hair straight curly wavy
density of the hair look for where the hair is thin
condition of the hair where the hair is damaged
hair should b atleast ___ in. long for braiding 2inches
reference points points on the head that mark where the surface of the head changes
design lines use reference points to establish them
parietal ridge widest area of the head usually starting at the temples and ending at the head
occipital bone bone that protrudes at the base of the skull
apex highest point on top of the head
nape back part of the neck the hail below he occipital bone
what is a guide sectioning the hair
horizontal lines they are parallel to the horizon on the florr
degrees elevation creates graduation and layers
traveling guide moves as the haircut progresses
stationary guide does not move
texture based on the thickness or diameter of each hand strand
Created by: lukecirillo