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Geography study:)

study for geography SOL

What is the greatest negative impact of te escarpments in Africa? they kept people from explorting and settiling the interior of africa
were did the three monotheistic religions of the world originate? jerusalem
name the peninsulas of Europe Iberian, Italian, Jutland, Scandinavian
Explain the ethnic conflict in Rwanda and Burundi. Ethnic fighting: Rwanda: Hutus and Burundi: Tutis
Where were cities built on te top of hills? Rome,Athens, Jerusalem
What is chrenozem? Rich, Fertile soil, referred to as "Black Soil"
Be able to identify characteristics of European culture European culture spread around the world (imperialism), ethnically diverse, many languages, religions, customs
Where is oil found in Europe? Oil reserves are found in the north sea in europe
Be able to identify Islamic Religious sites St. Basils Cathedral, The Kremlin, Red square
What is the primary level of economic activity? The economic level of activity tat deals with the harvest or extraction of raw materials
Be able to identify the rivers in africa Nile, Congo, Zambezi
what are the negative imacts/cost of using resources? Deforestation/ running out of non-renewable resources, water shortage
Why is the Aral Sea shrinking? Irrigation from cotton farming in Central Asia
What is the name of the neutral european country tat has four languages? Switzerland
What are the major economic characteristics or Europe? Highly educated, many work in industry and technology.Advanced farming techniques and water management
what is Mecca? Where is it located? Holiest city of Islam;found in Saudi Arabia
Identify the natural resources found in russia. Vast natural resouces (oil, natural gas, timber, minerals)
How was history passed down from generation to generation in africa? oral
what is the Chunnel? The railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel
How has the Aswan High Dam had positive effects on the natural environment? It prevents flooding, controls irrigations, higher crop yeilds, increased farmland, creates hydro-electric power
What physical feature divides Africa into two distinct regions? The Sahara Desert
Which level of economic activity benefits from the many national parks and nature preserves in Africa? Tertiary economic level (tourism)
Be able to identify the countries of southwest asia on a map Kuwait, Israel, U.A.E, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Qatar
Be able to identify famous landmarks from Russia Mosques, Kaaba (Mecca)
Created by: vb10queen