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AV Terminology

Availability The ability of an IT Service or component to perform its required function at a stated instant or over a stated period of time
Reliability The reliability of an IT Service can be qualitatively stated as freedom from operational failure and is determined by the reliability of each component and the level of resilience designed and built into the IT Infrastructure
Maintainability Relates to the ability of an IT Infrastructure component to be retained in, or restored to, an operational state. There are 7 separate stages of Maintainability, see Basic Concepts
Security CIA - The Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of the data associated with a service; an aspect of overall Availability
Serviceability Describes the contractual arrangements made with 3rd party IT Service providers, e.g., Facilities Management. This is to ensure ARM (Availability, Reliability, Manageability) of IT Service and components under their care
Vital Business Function VBF is a term used to reflect the business critical elements of the business process supported by an IT Service. Think of an ATM dispensing Cash vs. printing a mini-statement - VBF is the cash dispersement
User The consumer of an IT Service
IT Support Organization The IT Functions necessary to support, maintain and manage the IT Infrastructure to enable an IT Service to meet the level of Availability defined within the SLA. Can refer to internal or external suppliers
Availability Management (the activity) indicates the execution of activities wihtin the process.
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