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Week 3 - Normal Rad

9/26 - Normal Rad

***T/F You CANNOT see vertebral artery calcification on an xray? True, he said he would have 3-4 questions based on this
In the AP lower cervical view the TVP's of C7 are oriented ____ and _____? the TVP's of T1 are oriented ____ and ___? C7 = down and out. T1 = up and out (T1 = Touchdown)...this allows a landmark for counting
***Which view is the best to see IVF's? Oblique Cervicals
On oblique cervicals where is the mitchell marker placed? the marker corresponds to the patient's side closest to the film
Marker BEHIND the spine indicates a ______ oblique? A marker in FRONT of the spine indicates a _____ oblique? behind the spine = anterior oblique, in front of spine = posterior oblique....This seems backwards
What would a Right marker located behind the spine indicate? RAO
What would a left marker in front of the spine indicate? LPO
Remember: If it is an ANTERIOR view you see same side IVF's... If posterior, then it's opposite IVF"s examples: RPO, you would see Left IVF's.. in a LAO you would see the left IVF's since its an anterior
Again... if mitchell marker is behind the spine is it anterior or posterior? behind = anterior
Info: a dotted line drawn down the middle would indicate that everything on the left side of the line are left sided structures and everything to the right are right sided structures...Except Lamina's, laminas are always on the posterior side of the line, but will still be closest to the named marker (confused, see pg 4-5 under cervical oblique projections
In a Oblique view Does a RAO and a LPO show the same structures? Yes
Created by: pcc Normal Rad