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Week 3 - Noraml Rad

9/24 - Normal Rad

***What are the minimum distances for the following levels concerning the spaces of the spinal cord? 1.C1 2.C2. 3.C3 4. C4-T1? 1.C1 = 16mm 2.C2 =14mm 3.C3 = 13mm 4. C4-T1 = 12mm
***The Retropharyngeal space should measure no more than _____mm at the C2 level? no more than 5-7mm
***The Retrotracheal space whould not measure more than _____ mm at the C6 level in adults? In children? no more than 20-22mm in adults, no more than 14mm in children
The ADI sould measure no more than ____mm in adults and ____mm in children? max 3mm in adults, max 5mm in children.
What is the most anterior aspect of the foramen mangum? what is the most posterior part of foramen magnum? ant = Basion, post = Opisthion (B comes before O)
What piece of anatomy should be symmetrical on both sides, if there is more than _____mm in difference than there is a problem? paraodontal spaces,2mm
Which view is used to view the craniocervical junction in the AP orientation? AP open mouth
Does the posterior arch of C1 smile or frown? post arch smiles, ant arch frowns
Which view is the best to visualize the uncinates? AP lower cervical
Created by: pcc Normal Rad