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ItalianVerbsA Part 1


Abbondonare to abandon, to leave, to quit
Abbandonarsi to drop,sink, to let oneself go, to give oneself up
Abassare to lower oneself, stoop, drop, fall, deteriorate
Abbinare to match(with), combine (link)
Abbracciare to embrace, to clasp, to hug
Abbracciarsi to hug, embrace one another, to cling to,
Abbronzare to tan, to bronze
Abbronzarsi To get a tan
Abitare to live in, to dwell in, to inhabit
Abituare to get (somebody) used to doing something
Abituarsi To get used to doing something
Abusare to missuse, to abuse
Accadere to happen, occur, take place,
Accelare to speed up, to accelerate, go faster,quicken
Accelarsi to speed up, to go faster
Accogliere to welcome, to recieve, approve of, accomodate, hold
Accondiescendere to comply with, agree, consent to
Acconsentire to consent to, assent to, approve of
Accorgersi to notice, relize, to be aware of
Addire to dedicate
Addormentare to put to sleep, lull, anesthetize
Addormentarsi to fall asleep, go to sleep, take slowly
Addure to put forward, advace, allege, to produce, to adduct
Affiggere to distress, grief, afflict, trouble
Affogare To drown, to be drowned
Affrettare to speed up, to hurry up, to move up ( a date)
Affrettarsi to hurry up, to be quick
Affrontare to deal with (face up to), confront,
Affrontarsi to confront each other
Agguingere to add
Agguingersi to join, be put together, to be added
Agire to act, behave, work, function, take effect, take action
Aiutare to help, assist, facilitate
Aiutarse to help oneself, to help one another, to do ones best
Allaciare to fasten, tie,lace, button, form, connect, link
Allaciarsi to tie, fasten, hook up, connect
Allegare to enclose, to set on edge, to put forward
Allenare to excercise, work out, train, coach
Allenarsi to train, practice
Allontanare to talk, move, send away, drive away, alienate, dismiss, expel.
Allontanarsi to grow away, to grow away
Alzare to get up, to grow taller
Amare to love
Amarsi to love each other
Ammenttere to admit, to allow in, recieve, suppose, assume
Ammirare to admire
Ammirarsi to admire each other
Andare to go, to travel, to work, to function, to fit, match
Andarsene to go away (or off), to leave, to disappear, to fade away.
Created by: JWright11794