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Psychology Exam Card

Chapters 1-20 Terms.

Psychology uses what steps of the scientific method? conduct experiments analyze data form a conclusion
False Science relies on non verify evidence
Psychology the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes
Behavior any action that people can observe or measure can be moving, functioning or observing
Cognitive Activities are mental processes which can not be measured seen, or touched such as dreams, perception, thoughts, and memories
Psychological Constructs concepts that enable one to discuss something that cannot be seen touched or measured directly
What are the goals of psychology? to be able to - observe - describe - explain - predict - control behavior and to better understand them.
What two methods are used in Psychological Research? surveys experimentation
Biological Perspective the perspective that emphasizes the influence of biology on behavior and genes
Evolutionary Perspective the theory that focuses on the evolution of behavior and mental process/ inherited tendencies that influence people in certain ways
Cognitive Perspective emphasizes the role of thought processes in determining behavior
Humanistic Perspective stresses the human capacity for self-fulfillment and the importance of consciousness, self-awareness and the freedom to make choices
Learning Perspective emphasizes the effects of experience on behavior
Socio cultural Perspective focuses on the influences of ethnicity, gender, culture, and socioeconomic status on behavior and mental processes
Contemporary psychoanalytic perspective conscious choice and self- direction
Clinical Psychology the biggest group and ranges from adult mental health to general mental health. ( hospitals and prisons) it helps people w/ psychological problems overcome them, and adjust to the demands of their lives.
Counseling Psychology uses interviews and tests to identify their client's problems, treat people w/ adjustment issues by clarifying their goals, problems and meet challenges.
School Psychology identify and help students who have problems that interfere w/ learning such as peer group, family and or learning disorders by talking and observing
Educational Psychology focus on course planning and instructional methods for an entire school system rather than individuals
Developmental Psychology study that changes that occur throughout a person's life span --physical , emotional, cognitive, and social by ways of tests
Personality Psychology identify human characteristics or traits// and study development. in ex. anxiety, aggression, and gender roles
Social Psychology concerned w/ people's behavior in social situations and generally focus on external influences.
Experimental Psychology conduct research into basic processes such as functions of the nervous system and explore biological and psychological reasons for cognitive behavior.
basic research research that is conducted for its own sake amd has no immediate application
Environmental Psychology focuses on the ways in which people influence and are influenced by their physical environ.
Consumer Psychology study and predict the behavior of shoppers.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology focuses on people at work/ focuses on the behavior of people in organizations
Forensic Psychology may explain how certain kinds of psychological problems give rise to criminal behavior
Health Psychology examine the ways in which behavior and mental processes relate to physical health.
introspection an examination of one's own thoughts and feelings.
association ism the theory that our understanding of the world occurs through ideas associated with similar sensory experience and perceptions
Pioneers in Psychology in the late 1800s psychologists studied behavior and mental processes using a series of experiements to test a single theory
Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) founded a field psychology that is structuralism. Wundt broken down consciousness into objective sensations and subjective feelings. founded structuralism
William James (1842-1910) conscious experience could not broken down and that a stream of consciousness is the experience. founded functionalism.
functionalism emphasizes the purposes of behavior and mental processes and what they accomplish for the indiv.
Sigmund Freud founded the school of psychoanalysis and gained his understanding of human behavior through their problems
psychoanalysis emphasizes the importance of unconscious motives and internal conflicts as determinants of human behavior
psychodynamic thinking
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