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S.S. Australia Guide

Final Exam Test 5-11-12

first people to live in australia aborigines
type of economy of aborigines traditional
first people who settled in australia england or britain
religion of the aborigines dreaming/dreamtime
first people to discover australia in the 1600s the dutch
British sea captain who explored australia and new zealand captain james cook
first european settlement in australia sydney
what did great britain use australia for at first penal colony
what happened when the europeans arrived and wanted to live on the southeastern coastline where the aborigines lived the british used warfare to force the aborigines to relocate toward the interior of the continent
what type of weapon advantage did the europeans have over the aborigines guns
who had more soldiers, the europeans or the aborigines aborigines
how did the aborigines surive once the europeans came to australia they hid deep in the outback or they lived on reservations that the government estblished for them
australia main source of income each year tourism
3 oceans that surrounded australia indian, pacific, southern oceans
the largest desert area in ausralia outback
large cities are located in a temperate climate in which two parts of australia southesastern and northeastern coast
the visible tip of a huge, single rock that is also partially underground monolith
most important part of aborigine culture storytelling
type of government in australia federal parliamentary democracy
who runs the australian government prime minister
2 houses of legislature of australia senate and house of representatives
type of government that we call a 2 house legislature bicameral
what is the law for australians for voting everyone who is a citizen must vote in every election beginning at age 18, if not they will be fined and possibly put in jail
literacy rate in australia 99%
court in australia that is equal to the supreme court in USA the high court of australia
type of economy today in australia mixed
first colony in australia was named.... new south wales
who represents the queen of the uk in australia the governor-general
what are the political units of australia called states and territories
1 environmental problem in australia water pollution
branch of government that makes the laws in australia legislative
who has the most power in australias government prime minister
why did the australian government restrict immigration into their country after they became independent from britain in 1901 too many immigrants were attracted to australia due to the mining of metals and precious stones, so they banned people from africa and asia for a certain period of time
ane of australias mafor trading partner china
main religoion in australia christianity
what is the term for restricting the amount of a product that can be important quota
1 effect of a low literacy rate low standard of living
who do australian citizens vote into office members of parliament
who decides which goods will be produced and sold the citizens of australia who own businesses
who signs bills into laws, is commander-in-cheif of the military, acts as head of state, and approves elections in australia prime minister
Created by: EmCat
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