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FH ecco2c8 p150vocab

FH ecco2 c8 vocab p.150

adolescente adolescent
asilo pre-school/kindergarten
atteggiamento attitude
attitudine aptitude/flair for it
brano fragment/short passage
diritto right;law/straight(ahead)
gara race
incarico job/task
operaio factory worker
realta reality
scelta choice
voto grade
colpire to strike,to hit
frequentare to attend
guadagnare to earn
partecipare to participate
progettare to plan
realizzare to achieve;fulfil/realize
tenere conto di to keep in mind
impegnativo challenging, demanding
realizzabile feasible
scolastico school, educational
avere voglia di to want to;feel like
avere ragione to be right
con i fiocchi first rate
non...affato not at all
seriamente seriously
voglia desire/inclination
impegno commitment
disoccupato unemployed, out of work
sogno dream
realta reality
progetto plan, project
che ne dici what do you say about it
i fiocchi bows/flakes
Created by: gdirosario