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Intro to Music Tech

Final Exam Study Cards

Which type of MIDI entry mode allows you to "play along" before the section you record? Punch In/Punch Out Mode
Which type of MIDI entry allows you to enter MIDI notes using a pencil tool? Manual Entry
A MIDI message that expresses the attack-strength of a note. velocity
A MIDI message that expresses the pressure on a keyboard key after a key has been played. aftertouch
A MIDI control change message that triggers a note to be held after it's release. sustain
A ___________________ receives MIDI data from a computer and produces sound. module
_____________ stores program instructions and temporary data. RAM
One difference between a solid state hard drive and a hard disk hard drive is that a solid state hard drive _____________ . has no moving parts
1 gigabyte is approximately equal to 1 ___________ bytes. 1 Billion
Sound synthesis involves creating sound from ____________. the ground up
Sampling uses stored _______________ triggered by MIDI messages to generate sound. audio
VCF stands for ____________________. voltage-controlled filter
On a synthesizer, the boost at the cutoff frequency of a filter causes ________________. resonance
On a synthesizer the amplifier applies a[n] _______________ to the amplitude of the audio. envelope
According to the video clip featuring Ralph Murphy, your job as a songwriter is to create something that never existed, in a place that never was, doing something that never happened, and making a listener believe it in ____________ . 60 seconds
According to Diane Warren, the key to her successful process is ___________ . showing up
According to the article on Diane Warren, one of the keys to the success of "Unbreak my Heart" was that _____________ . Diane began with a good title and expanded on that
According to the Nashville Songwriters Association checklist, many industry professionals focus on the following elements when evaluating the potential success of a song. Theme, Lyrics, Melody, Overall Impact
According to the Nashville Songwriters Association checklist, when evaluating the success of a song's theme many industry professionals will NOT take this question in consideration. Is the lyrical content one that includes complex words?
Relative to innovations in music technology, CAI stands for _________________ . computer-assisted instruction
Some CAI programs deal with matching and comparing two notes in terms of their audible pitch. As a 'Musicianship' skill, this would be considered a[n] __________________ activity. ear training
When learning general information about the orchestra, a student may use a CAI program focused on _________________ . instruments
Composition and improvisation are addressed through many CAI programs. They are considered ________________ activities. creative
A[n] _________________ can slow down a recording during playback with minimum quality degradation so that music can be more easily transcribed. transcription aid
architecture Physical structure of the integrated circuit chip (motherboard/processor)
clock speed The time that a CPU takes to execute an instruction
FSB front side bus Determines how fast information is transferred from various processing components
RPM revolutions per minute (has to do with Hard Disk Drives)
fragmentation when parts of various files are spread of over many different regions on a disk (has to do with Hard Disk Drives
Solid State Drives faster than HDDs but have less capacity
optical storage uses a laster
Oscillator generates basic waveform through a continuous electrical circuit (movement) VCO = voltage-controlled oscillator
filter adjusts the EQ of the basic waveform VCF = voltage-controlled filter
amplifier applies an envelope to the amplitude of the audio VCA = voltage-controlled amplitude
Low Frequency Oscillator applied to an audible oscillating pitch; becomes a modulator of the original sound, frequency below hearing
glide control slide between notes
cutoff filter frequency high cut
frequency modulation add harmonics
voices how many keys can be played at once
oscillators tone generators
mix adds multiple elements together
rate pulse speed
chorus vibrato
Created by: periwinklepicc
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