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Respiratory Fund


The effect of breathing 5% co2 on a healthy subject ? Increase depth and rate of breathing
In it's gaseous state oxygen is? Odorless, tasteless, colorless, and supports combustion
Which of the following indicates a flow that is activated by a downstream resistance to flow?
Pertaining to the preset reducing valve which of the following would be true? The valve at H , L may pop off, this is a single stage preset regulator, B reads cylinder or tank pressure(bourdon gauge)
Which method below is most common for Bulk commercial production of oxygen? Fractional distillation
Which of the following devices/systems do NOT use a compressor as part of its principal of operation? Piped 100% oxygen
Which of the following devices/stems USE a compressor as part of its principal of operation?
In the field or respiratory care, pressurized gas systems are most often read in which of the following units of measure? Pounds per square inch gauge
The value of this gauge is based solely on its low density? Helium-oxygen
Disadvantages of using compressed oxygen cylinders in the home include the following except? Gas wastage when not in use
What are the disadvantages when using compressed oxygen cylinders in the home? High pressure hazard, Limited volume of oxygen, Bulkiness of cylinders, Need for frequent deliveries
Disadvantages of home LIQUID oxygen systems Include? Oxygen is lost when not used, The low temperature of LOX can be a hazard, Liquid oxygen must be delivered when needed
A student has 2 H cylinders, one full at 2200psi and 1 empty at room temp he joins them together in a manifold opens both and reads the new pressure what will the pressure be? 1100
Heliums therapy most valuable therapeutic property is? Decrease the work of breathing in airways obstruction
Which of the following are true concerning oxygen concentrators? As flow rates increase delivered concentrations decrease
In the field of respiratory care barometric pressure is most often read in? Torr
Which of the following statements are true concerning liquid filled cylinders? Unlike gas cylinders the pressure bears little relationship to the Amount of liquid remaining in the system & only when the liquid is gone will the pressure fall in proportion to the reduction of volume
Which of the following is used for anasthetic agent? N2O=Nitrous oxide
Which of the following are used in selectively low concentrations to dilate pulmonary blood vessels? NO=Nitric Oxide
Oxygen Supports combustion, is colorless, odorless, tasteless, in green cylinder
Helium Is non-flammable, in a brown cylinder
Nitrogen Non-flammable, in black cylinder
Carbon dioxide Non-flammable, in gray cylinder
Nitrous Oxide In blue cylinder
In which of the following conditions would you initially seek to provide the highest fio2? Cyanide poisining, Severe shock or truama
A 27year old relieved from theER department is on a nasal cannula at 3L per min. What fio2 is this patient receiving? 32%
Which of the following are true about the simple oxygen mask? It has no valving system or reservoir bag, requires a minimum input flow of 5L min, functions as a variable performance system
A patient is on a simple nasal cannula at flow of 12L per minute the goal is to receive 70% oxygen, which of the following would you recommend? The O2 to be given through a reservoir mask at 10L min
You must deliver the highest possible fiO2 to a 67 yr old man with pulmonary edema breathing at a rate of 35 per min, which of the following O2 delivery systems would be most appropriate ? Non-Rebreathing mask at 12-15L per minute
What is the minimum flow setting for a a simple mask applied to an adult? 5L per minute
Which of the following would indicate a need for oxygen therapy for an adult or child? SaO2 less than 90% and a PaO2 less than 60mmhg
Which of the following typically occurs first when monitoring the earliest physiological response to breathing 100% oxygen? Substernal chest pain
Delivery systems that provide only a portion of a patients inspired gas are referred to as? Low flow oxygen systems
FiO2 of .40 by oxyhood and blender for an infant RT anaylizing notes the fiO2 is .30 and the flow meter is set at 10L per minute. Nebulizer entrainment port is set at 50% and blender is set at fiO2 .40 the therapist should? Set the nebulizer entrainment to 100%
RT is administering a mixture of helium and oxygen through a non- Rebreathing mask to a 40yr old during an acute asmathitic episode, SPO2 is at 92 % RT observes the reservoir bag on the mask nearly collapses on each breath, what is int response? Increase the flow of gas mixture into the mask
Which of the following is true about air entrainment mask? The smaller the jet orifice the more air will be entrained, The restricted orifice or jet is used to entrain air, the greater the jet velocity of 02 the more air is entrained
Describe the characteristics of a Thorpe tube flow meter Preset inlet pressure with adjustable outlet orifice
Characteristics of a bourdon gauge flow meter Adjustable inlet pressure with fixed outlet orifice
Characteristics of a flow restrictors to a downstream resistance to flow
Identify safety connections of the American standard safety system Threaded connection and it's used on greater than 200psig, larger than E
Diameter index safety system Establish to prevent accidental interchange of low pressure (less than 200psig) medical gas connectors
U connect an incubated patient to a air entrainment neb sys. Via t-tube set at 60% w/input flow of 15l/min, toward the middle of expiration you observe that midst stops exiting from open end of t-tube. What does this indicate? Patient is not receiving 60% o2
Physician orders 70% He and 30% oz mixture to reduce the work of breathing in a patient having an acute asthmatic attack. Which of the following delivery systems would be most appropriate? Nonrebreathing mask
Equipment processing would be the min you would recommend for a reusable device that only contracted a patients intact skin Low level disinfection
The application of steamed under pressure for sterilization is termed Autoclaving
Biots breathing Very irregular and interspersed with long periods of apnea
A patient develops an infection after exposure to contaminated food. This is an example of what root transmission? Vehicle
The diaphragm contracts during Inspiration/ inhalation
Orthopenea Difficult breathing in reclining position
Normal respiratory rate 12-20 breaths per min
Reasons for an adjustable regulator Reduce gas pressure, reduce gas flow, allow for an indication of quantity of the gas in the cylinder
True concerning bulk o2 storage Liquid o2 systems provide large quantities of o2 at relatively low pressures under 250 psi and cost
The gauge pressure on a full E cylinder, 100% co2 containing liquid and gas is 500psig, the gas has been flowing at 6L/M for a period of time, student notes tat press. Has dropped from 500psi to 300psi. What can be said concerning the contents of cyl. Cylinder is of empty liquid
heliums therapy most valuable therapeutic property is The ability to decrease the work of breathing in airway obstructions
What are some key patient considerations in selecting o2 therapy equipment Severity and cause of hypoxemia, Age group, and type of airway
First thing: Always treat hypoxia or possibility of hypoxemia, always administer o2 therapy
Physician orders 02 for a patient with chronic hypercapnea/hypoxemia pao2=47 mm hg. What is most appropriate action? Admin 02 to achieve a pao2 of 60-80 mm hg
Copd patient placed on FiO2 of .6 becomes lethargic and less responsive why? o2 induced hypoventilation
2yr old child receiving o2 by an aerosol tent maintaining a consistent fio2 inside the canopy. What do u do? Increase o2 flow
What following factors of flow increase fiO2 delivered by a low flow O2 system Small Vt and minute ventilation
A physician orders 2L/min of O2 through a simple mask to a 65yr old with chronic hypercapnea. What would be the correct action at this time?
List the possible hazards of O2 therapy Absorption atelectasis, pul. o2 toxicity, O2 induced hypoventilation
A disease may be transmitted from one patients to another by a health care doctor. This mode of disease spread is termed cross-contaminated
Hospital acquired infections nosocomial infections
Asepsis absence of disease producing micro-organisms
Micro-organisms transmission may occur by contact transmission; airborne transmission; and vehicle transmission
Minimized dangers of radiation minimize exposure time and ensure proper distance
Following conditions must be met for fire to occur presence of oxygen; temperature high enough for combustion; and presence of flammable material
Describe surveillance with regard to infection control contain the source; interrupt transmission; reduce susceptibility of the host; and/or number of susceptible host
Types of processing resp care equipment sterilization; cleaning; disinfection;
Clean the removal of all foreign material from an object. contact with intact skin.
disinfection the inactive most pathogenic organisms EXCLUDING spores. includes pasteurization and chemical disinfection
Low-level disinfection when devices that touch the only intact skin or do not contact patient;non critical
high level disinfection devices that directly or indirectly contact mucous membranes;semi-critical. indoscopes; oral and nasal trachea, humidifiers, mouth pieces
sterilization devices introduced into the bloodstream or other parts of the body;critical
Sterilization complete destruction of all forms of microbial life; dry heat; boiling; auto-claving, radiation; ethylene oxide
what equipment processing do you use to clean up a blood spill? 1:10 ratio dilution of bleach
When should a resp care practitioner should wear a gown? when gown can be soiled and highly contagious disease
the most frequent route for transmission of nosocomial infection? contact
infection-control precautions should be applied to ALL patients? wash hands after touching blood, wash hands after removing gloves, clean gloves, extreme caution when handling "sharps"
Virulence the power of a microorganism to produce disease; the strength
List the factors associated with an increased risk of a patient acquiring a nosocomial infection. ground-neg colonization, surgical patients, elderly, odese, COPD and smokers
Describe why infection control is important in respiratory care. to prevent transmissions of infections in health care enviroments
State the three major routes for transmission of human sources of pathogens in the health care environment. contact, respiration droplets, and airborne droplets,common vehicle, vector
Describe strategies to control the spread of infection in the hospital. individual health care personnel behavior, institutional climate, work environment
Define vital signs. measurements of the bodys most basic functions
transmission via contaminated food or water is food poison
vector transmission from an animal or insect
True about fires in oxygen enriched atmospheres? they burn more intensely; more difficult to put out, and burn quicker
hospital grade plugs with be? 3 pronged with a green dot
droplet transmission requires private room for the patient, use a filtered mask for working within 3 feet, use of gloves, and use of gown if soiled clothing is likely
if you observe someone getting continuous shock you should turn off the power source or knock them away with non conductive object
voltage the power potential behind electrical energy
pathogen microorganism capable of producing disease in humans
airborne transmissions precautions include HEPPA mask, use of gloves, hand washing before entering and after leaving,
List six factors that influence the pulse rate.
List four factors that increase blood pressure
List four factors that can reduce blood pressure.
spontaneously breathing but comatose bc of CO inhalation. PaO2=87 mmHg and a PaCO2= 36 mmHg on room air. what action would you recommend? administer as high FiO2 as possible
An intubated patient with an inspired flowrate of 40 l/min is connected via a TTube to a Jet Neb set at 70% O2 with and input flow of 12 l/min. is this high or a low flow system? low flow bc inspiratory demands are not met
An O2 delievery devices takes seperate pressurized air and O2 sources as input, then mixes these gases through a precision valve. what does this describe? oxygen blender
characteristics of a simple mask no valving system or reservoir bag, requires a minimal input of 5 l/m
physician orders 2 l/min of simple mask to a 65 year old with chronic hypercapnia. what would be the correct action at this time recommend that the mask be changed to cannula @ 2 l/min
you must deliver the highest possible FiO2 to a 67 year old man with pulmonary edema breathing at a rate of 35 per min which of the o2 delivery system non rebreather
what is the key functional differnce btwn disposable, partial rebreathing,AND NON rebreathing 02 mask non rebreather had a one way valve btwn the mask and bag
which of the following are common features seen in patients suffering from 02 toxicity extensive physiological shunting, decreasing P(A-a)02, and pachy infiltrates on xrays
2 assure a stable Fi02 under varying patients demands, what must an 02 delivery system provide all the gas needed by the patient during inspiration
a patient receiving 02 through a non rebreather mask for 8L/min the bag collapses completely before the end of inpiration. what should you do? increase liter flow
Physician orders 32% 02 for an intubated post-op patient, which delivery suystme would be the best and most practical approach to provide 02 therapy? air entrainment neb set at 30% with t-tube and reservoir
physician asks for your advice best delivery system for hypercapnic patient needing lond term continuous low Fio2 in the home setting. which of the following would you recommend? low flow nasal cannula
the cooperative and alert post operative patient taking food orally requires a small increment in Fi02 to be provided continuusly. Which of the following devices would best achieve this? nasal cannula
specific clinical obj. of 02 therapy include which of the followin... decrease symotoms caused by chronic hypoxemia, decrease workload it imposes on heart and lungs, correct arterial hypoxemia
gas powered air entrainment nebs: True fixed performance devices at high fi02s, air to 02 ratio alter by entrainment port size, 02 or aerosol can be delivered via t-tube trache mask or aerosol mask
an air 02 blender is used to provide an fi02 of .4 by oxyhood, the blender alarm and the low 02 alarm are triggered, why? low 02 pressure
which of the following values indicate the need for an increase for the 02 percentage delivered? 02 sat., spo2 of 85% on a 35% air entrainment mask
which patients receive highest Fi02 from a nasal cannula set at 1L/min? 6 day old female infant, that is 22 in. tall and 10 pounds
which of the following patients would receive the highest fi02 from a nasal cannula set at 3 liters per minute the patient who is breathing 10 breaths per min with a avg. Vt of 500ml
which of the following devices is NOT set up with a large vol neb? partial rebreathing mask
primary factors determining the risk of 02 detremental affect of the lungs and the CNS? PO2 and length of exposure
low flow 02 delivery systems: nasal 02 canula, nasal 02 catheter, and transtracheal catheter
physiological effects of inhaled NO include? improved blood flow to ventilated alveoli, decrease pul. vas. resistance, reduce intrapulmonary shunting
palpation method to obtain Bp obtains the systolic BP
depth and rate increases then decreases followed by a period of apnea cheyne stokes
Kussmals breathing breathing quickly and deeply
major muscle of inspiration diaphragm
normal pulse rate 60-100
which of the following are reasoons for an adjustable 02 regulator? reduced gas pressure, reduced gas flow, allows for an indication of the quantity of the gas in the cylinder
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