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Unit 8 S. Asia

Spalding Academy 9th Grade 2011

A business that employs workers in their homes Cottage industry
Farm crop grown to be sold or traded rather than used by the farm family Cash crop
How do the major rivers determine where people live? Be sure to name some of those major rivers. Easy transportation, grow lots of food, tourism. Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra
How does the geography and weather affect the agriculture in the region? Many rivers provide water for crops. Many mountains means less land for crops. Monsoons can make water management for crops difficult
In Asia, seasonal wind that brings warm, moist air from the oceans in summer and cold, dry air from inland in winter Monsoon
In Buddhism, ultimate state of peace and insight toward which people strive Nirvana
In Hindu belief, being reborn repeatedly in different forms, until one has overcome earthly desires Reincarnation
In Hindu belief, the sum of good and bad actions in one’s present and past lives Karma
Large landmass that is part of a continent but still distinct from it, such as India Subcontinent
Name two animals that are native to the region. Elephant and tiger
Plant and animal waste used especially as a source of fuel Biomass
Plant fiber used to make string and cloth Jute
Program to produce higher-yielding, more productive strains of wheat, rice, and other food crops Green revolution
Storm with heavy rains and high winds that blow in a circular pattern around an area of low atmospheric pressure Cyclone
The spreading development of nuclear arms Nuclear proliferation
Tourism based on concern for the environment Ecotourism
What are some of the problems of over population in South Asia? Slums, violence, lack of food and healthcare
What are the main components of the Hindu religion? (How was it founded? is there one god? many gods? what is the religion’s philosophy of life? ultimate goal?) Est. by Aryans in the Vedas. Reincarnation and karma. Major gods are Shiva, Kali, and Krishna
What is the capital of Bangladesh? Dhaka
What is the capital of Bhutan? Thimphu
What is the capital of India? New Delhi
What is the capital of Maldives? Male
What is the capital of Nepal? Kathmandu
What is the capital of Sri Lanka? Colombo
What is the government type of Bhutan? Monarchy
What is the government type of India? Democracy
What is the government type of Nepal? Parliamentary democracy
Which country experiences the 20-year civil war between the Sinhalese Buddhists and the Tamil Tigers? Sri Lanka
Which river is the reason for the fighting in Kashmir? Indus River
Which South Asian country would you live in if given the choice? Please include their current form of government, population, physical geography, cultural geography, and major issues facing that country. Opinion
Which two countries are fighting over the Kashmir region? India and Pakistan
Who was Gandhi and why was he important for India? South African lawyer. Worked for Indian freedom from UK. Boycotts, hunger strikes, prison. India free in 1947
Why are the Himalayas such an important physical features for the region? Separates India from Asia, influences weather, tourism
What are the main components of the Buddhism religion? (How was it founded? is there one god? many gods? what is the religion’s philosophy of life? ultimate goal?) Founded by Siddhartha Gautama in 563. Becomes Buddha. Work towards Nirvana. Detachment from worldly goods. No god
Created by: rejoyce431



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