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for final

Aristotle i was the one of the first to write about sleep memory senses dreams and learning
Calkins i was the first female president of APA and i wrote a very popular textbook, introduction to psychology. i went to harvard but never recieved my PHD
Descartes i was a french philospher who promoted a belief that the mind and body are two seperate entities called interactive dualism
freud i was the most contoversal in my days for i wrote about unconscious conflicts sex and the importance of early childhood
hall i recieved the first PHD in psychology from harvard university and started a professsional organization and a professional journal, both of which are still active today
james i wrote the principle of psychology in 1890 and established functionalism, first school of psychology in the US
maslow i was the founder of the third fource in psychology in america and i offered a theory of motivation
pavlov in russia, i studied physiology and discovered basic learning processes
roger as one of the founders of humanistic movement, i placed great value on the importance of each persons personal growth, self-determination and free will
skinner if you are going to study behavior you have to be able to observe it and measure it . you cannot observe a thought
titchner i established structualism and the first formal school of psychology
washburn i was the first american woman to offficially earn a PHD in psychology
watson i believed that all we had to do to explain voluntary behavior was to study the relationship between the organism'd behavior and the enviorment
wundt they call me the father of psychology i established the first psychology research lab in germany 1879
Which of the following perspectives on human personality emphasizes the study of individual differences trait perspective
in Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, which one of the following personality structures is entirely unconscious ID
Since Rebecca's departure, Ben has remodeled the kitchen, planted a vegetable garden, and is now hard at work building a new deck. Freud would probably describe Ben's burst of creative and productive activities as an example of: sublimination
The successful resolution of the Oedipus complex involves the use of: identification
During the _____ stage, sexual impulses become repressed and children develop same-sex friendships and focus their attention on school and other activities. Latency
Basic anxiety is to _____ as feelings of inferiority is to _____. Kevin Honary,Alfred Adler
According to _____, each person is highly motivated to act in a way that is consistent with his or her _____. Carl ROgers, Self concept
The Critical Thinking section discusses two views of human aggression. According to Albert Bandura, human aggression: has often involved concious and rather aspects of behavior
According to Carl Rogers, the fully-functioning person experiences: congruence
Reciprocal determinism explains personality as the interaction: of behavioral, cognitive, an emotional factors
Which of the following theorists are trait theorists haymond cattel and hands ensynek
Research on personality traits has demonstrated that personality traits are remarkably consistent throughout life
Which of the following is NOT one of the five factors in the Five-Factor Model of Personality agreeable ness, openess, neurotism NOT psychotism
Thousands of research studies have established the reliability and validity of all of the following personality tests EXCEPT: CPI, 16FP,MMPI NOT Rosorchan Inkblot test
n a research study described in your text, trained graphologists evaluated handwriting samples of 170 people. What were the findings of that study? Although the graphologists predicted that they would be 100 percent accurate in distinguishing among the participants, they were not much more accurate than people with no training in graphology
drugs that create perceptual distortion, alters mood, and affects thinking LSD, mescaline, marijuana
drugs that inhibit CNS actvity, produce drowiness, sedation or sleep alcohol, barbiturates, tranquilizers,inhalants
synthetic drugs with a variety of effects , often at dance clubs or raves Ecstasy, MDMA
addictive drugs that mimic endorphins and relieve pain and produce euphoria opium,morphine,heroin, methadone,demerol,percodan and oxy contin
drugs developed as a surgical anesthetic that produce a feeling of detachment and depersonalization dissociative anesthetics: PCP, ketamine
addictive drugs that increase brain activity and mental alertness caffeine, nicotine,amphetamines,methamphetamine. cocane
heroin mimincs natural opiates,dopamine
ecstasy agatonigist againist serotoin, release some dopamine not a lot
marijuana try to act as anadamide and dopamene THC
methamphetamine agonist for dopamines
alchol GABBA,inhibits dopamine, guatmate excites
cocaime blocks dopamine`
LSD agonist for serotonin
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