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chemistry SOU

Water, , is an example of a(n) ________. chemical
Identify the number with the most significant figures 1.0709
Which measument below has the greatest measurement uncertainty? 20 ml
DDT was a good pesticide because ________. A) it had low toxicity to animals B) it was cheap to prepare C) it was toxic to many insects D) it had low toxicity to humans E) all the above answer is E
Which of the following is a chemical sugar
Employing scientific information to develop new materials to benefit society is an example of ________. technology
Identify the state of matter that has the highest level of energy Gas
In order to enhance your learning in chemistry, you should not ________. wait until the night before the exam to study
Mercury has a specific gravity of 13.6. How many milliliters of mercury have a mass of 0.35 kg? 26 mL
In order to enhance your learning in chemistry, you should not Wait until the night before the exam to study
How many significant figures are in the number 0.00208? three
One cup of kidney beans contains 15 g of protein, 1g of fat and 42 g of carbohydrate. How many kilocalories, up to two significant figures, does this sample contain 240 kcal
There is more traffic between 8 and 9 in the morning most people start work at 9. This would be an Hypothesis
The first step in the scientific method is Making observations
DDT is a type of Insecticide
When a gold nugget with a mass of 521 g is added to 50.0 ml of water, the water level rises to 77.0 ml. what is the density of gold? 19.3 g/ml
Which of the following is not considered an exact number 100.0 f. a patient temperature
650 j is the same amount of energy as 155 cal
Titanium dioxide is a chemical used in toothpaste to Make the paste white
A patients height is 170 cm which is equivalent to 5 feet 7 inches
One millisecond is equivalent to 0.01 seconds
Sodium monofluorophosphate is a chemical used in toothpaste to Strengthen tooth enamel
Chloroflurocarbons are destructive to the Ozone layer in the upper atmosphere
The number of calories needed to raise temperature of 32 g. of water from 12 c to 54 c is 1300 cal
Which of the following conversion factors is a measured number? 25 miles/gallon
You notice there is more traffic between 8 and 9 in the morning. This would be an Observation
Identify the ionic compound Magnesium bromide
Select the correct symbol for the element potassium K
The name of Al2(SO4)3 is Aluminum sulfate
The number of valence-shell electrons in all noble gases except helium is 8
Select the correct symbol for the element silver Ag
The number of electron energy levels in a magnesium atom is 3
The VSEPR theory allow us to determine the Shape of a molecule
In which of these compounds is a polar covalent bond formed H2O
The number of electron in a neutral atom with 30 protons and 34 neutron is 30
Double and triple bonds form because Single covalent bonds do not give all of the atoms in the molecule eight valence electrons
Which of the following elements does not exist as a diatomic molecule Carbon
Select the correct symbol for the element sodium Na
Which of the following properties is not a characteristic of the group 1A(1) elements (alkali metals) Most of them are liquids at room temperature
Air is an Homogeneous mixture
The correct symbol for the isotope of potassium with 22 neutron is 41 K 19
How many electrons will chlorine gain or lose when it forms an ion Gain 1
The correct formula for a compound formed from the elements AL and O is Al2O3
Which of the following elements is a nonmetal Nitrogen
Which of the following compounds contain an ion with a 3+ charge FeCl3
Select the correct symbol for the element iron Fe
Calculate the molar mass of magnesium chloride, MgCl2 95.3
Which of the following is an oxidation-reduction reaction N2 +O2 →2NO
In a _______ reaction, two or more elements or compounds form one product Combination
Which of the following correctly gives the best coefficients for the reaction N2H4 +H2O2‾ N2 +H2O 1,2,1,4
What is the coefficient of hydrogen, H2, when the following equation is balanced: :Al + H2SO4 = Al2(SO4)3 + H2 3
How many atoms are present in a molecule with the molecular formula of C6H12O6 24
A chemical equation is balanced when The number of atoms of each element is the same in reactants and products
Find the mass of ALCl3 that is produced when 25.0 grams of AL2O3 react with HCl according to the following equation: Al2O3 + 6HCl = 2AlCl3 + 3H2O 65.4
One mole of helium gas weighs 4.00 g
A reaction that releases energy as it occurs is classified as an Exothermic reaction
How many particles does one mole of particles of any substance contain? 6.02 X 10^23
The molar mass of potassium is 39.1 g
The positive ions in the reacting compounds switch places in a Double replacement reaction
A reaction that releases energy as it occurs in classified as an Exothermic reaction
If the reaction shown below is exothermic, the energy level of the reactants is: H2 + O2 = 2H2O Higher than that of the products
How many molecules of water, H2O, are present in 75.0 grams of H2O 4.17 moles
What is the molar mass of sucrose (C12H22O11)? 342.0 g
2H2O electricity = 2H2 + O2 reaction takes place when an electric current is passed through water. It is an example of a Decomposition
How many moles of Carbon atoms are there in 0.500 mole of C2H6 1.00 mole
Which of the following is an example of a physical change? Grinding coffee beans
Chemical equilibrium tells us How rapidly a reaction will occur
The heat content of a system is known a Enthalpy
How many grams of CO2 are produced from 125 g of O2 and excess CH4? 85.9 g of CO2
Consider this equation 2Mg + O2 = 2MgOthe # of moles of MgO produced when 0.20 mole of O2 reacts completely is 0.40 mole
4.00 moles of sodium have a mass of 92.0 g
Which of the following is a neutralization reaction HNO3 + KOH = H2O + KNO3
Which of the following statements correctly describes the hydronium-hydroxide in the given solution In bases, [OH-] is greater than [H3O+]
The name given to an aqueous solution of HBr is Hydrobromic acid
In a neutralization reaction An acid and a base react to form a salt and water
A solution with a pH of 4 is Moderately acidic
What is the [OH-] in a solution that has a [H3O+] = 1 x 10 ^-6 m? 1x 10^-8M
The function of a buffer is to Maintain the pH of a solution
Which of the following is a characteristic of bases? Has a slippery, soapy feel
What is the pH of a solution with [H3O+] = 1 x 10^-9 M? 9.0
Buffers are solutions that resist pH change when small amounts of Acids or bases are added
A solution with [OH-] of 5x 10^-3 has a pH of 11.7
What is the pH of a 0.00001 molar HCl solution? 5
Bile has a pH of 8.0, so the H+ concentration is 1x 10^-8 M
which of the following is the correctly balanced equation for the complete neutralization of H3PO4 with Ca(OH)2? 2H3PO4 + 3Ca(OH)2 = Ca(PO4)2 +6H2O
which of the following is correctly identified? NaOH, strong base
which of the following could be a buffer? HF + NaF
according to the Bronsted-Lowry definition a base is a proton acceptor
the name given to an aqueous solution of HBr is hydrobromic acid
the [H3O+] of a solution with pH = 2.0 is 1 x 10^-2 M
for Kw the product of [H3O+] and [ OH-] 1 x 10^-14
the pH value of arterial blood is 7.35 – 7.45
a 10.0 mL of 0.12 M H2SO4 is neutralized by 17.1 mL of KOH solution. The molarity of the KOH solution is 0.142 M
the correct formula for sulfuric acid is H2SO4
identify the Bronsted- lowry acid in the following reaction H2O
if a condition of hypoventilation occurs, the blood pH of the patient is expected to Decrease
The unit used to measure the amount of radiation absorbed by a gram of material is called r a d
Nuclear reaction 126 Sn50 = 126 Sb51 +? Is an example of Beta emission
A sample of l-131 decays from 12 microcuries to 3.0 microcuries in 16 days. What is half-life of 1-131? 8 days
Which of the following has the greatest amount of energy? gamma rays
The substance whose half-life is 704 million years is Uranium-235
Which is not a way to minimize your exposure to radiation? Staying a longer time
Technetium-99 is a radioactive isotope used to develop pictures of internal body organs. It has a half-life of 6.02 hours. If we start with 100 mg of a technetium-99m containing compound, how much of it is still radioactive after one day? 6 mg
What is the radioactive particle released in the following nuclear equation? 159 W74 = 155 Hf 72 +? Alpha particle
When aluminum-27 is bombarded with a neutron, a gamma ray is emitted. What radioactive isotope is produced? Aluminum-28
A patient received 4x10^3 mrads of iodine-131, which emits-particles. If the factor that adjusts for biological damage is 1 for β-particles, how many rems did the patient receive? 4 rems
The symbol o-1 eis a symbol used for an Beta particle
A wooden object from a prehistoric site has a carbon-14 activity of 10 counds per minute (cpm) compared to 40 cpm for new wood. If carbon-14 has a halft-life of 5730 years, what is the age of the wood 11,500 yr
Which of the following measures the biological damage of radiation Radiation equivalent in humans-REM
The radioactive particle that has the deepest penetration depth is Gamma particle
Which is not a way to minimize your exposure to radiation Staying a longer time
The dosage of technetium-99m for myocardial imaging is 280 µCi/kg of body weight. How many mCi should be given to a patient weighing 65 kg? 18 mCi
The half-life of bromine-74 is 25 min. how much of a 4.0 mg sample is still active after 75 min? 0.50 mg
Beta particles are the same as Electrons
The nuclear symbol that completes the equation is an 240 AM95 +? →243Bk97 +1nO Alpha particle
A person begins to suffer radiation sickness at an exposure level of 100 rem
The half-life of a radioisotope is The time it takes for on-half of the sample to decay
When an atom of uranium-235 is bombarded with neurons, it splits into smaller nuclei and produces a great amount of energy. This nuclear process is called fission
Which of the following types of radiation has the highest energy? y-rays
What is the radiation particle used in the bombardment of nitrogen-14? 14N7 +? → 14C6 +1H1 neutron
For 85 Sr 38, there are 38 protons and 47 neutrons
In the IUPAC naming system, an aldehyde is named by replacing the-e of the name of the corresponding alkane with al
Amides are derivative of ___ and ___ Amines, acids
How many valence electrons does carbon have? four
What is the name for this three-carbon alkyl group? CH3 – CH- CH3 │ Iso-propyl
What a-hydroxy acid is found predominantly in grapes? Tartaric acid
What functional group is always found in alkaloids (such as caffeine, nicotine, and digitalis)? amine
The functional group contained in the compound ester
What is the name of the following compound? CH3 │ CH3 –CH2 – CH2 – CH2 – CH-CH3 2-methylhexane
The iupac name of CH3 – CH=CH –CH3 2-butane
In an amine functional group the central atom is nitrogen
A formula that shows the arrangement of all bonds in a molecule is called an Expanded structural formula
The functional group contained in the compound CH3 –CH2 – NH2 amine
What is the iupac name for this alkane? CH2 –CH3 │ CH3- CH- CH- CH2 – CH3 │ CH3 3,4 dimethylhexane CH2 –CH3 │ CH3- CH- CH- CH2 – CH3 │ CH3 3,4 dimethylhexane
An alkene is a carbon compound that contains a ___bond double bond
Isomers are molecules that share the same formula and have A different arrangement of atoms within the molecule
The functional group contained in the compound O ║ CH3-CH2-C-O-H O ║ CH3-CH2-C-O-H Carboxylic acid
Why do carboxylic acids have higher boiling points than similar alcohols or aldehydes? They form dimmers that are relatively stable
Small molecules that make up the repeat unit in polymers are called monomeres
What is the name of a one-carbon alkyl substituent? methyl
the alcohol and carboxylic acid required to form propyl ethanoate are 1-propanol and ethanoic acid
Which of the following is not typical of most organic compounds high melting points
Which part of soap is responsible for its ability to dissolve fats and oily dirt? The hydrophobic end
Identify the amine salt sudafed
When naming an alkene, the parent chain is the longest carbon chain? That contains both atoms of the double bond
unsaturaed fatty acids have a lower melting point than saturated fatty acids because the cis double bonds give them an irregular shape
the fluid mosaic model of a cell membrane, the main component of a membrane is lipid bilayer
which of the following is not a function of lipids in the human body emulsification
lipids are compounds that are soluble in chloroform
which of the following lipids will give a single molecule of fatty acid when hydrolized wax
which of the following type of lipid describes both aldosterone and testosterone steroids
the steroid hormone that increases the blood glucose and glycogen levels from fatty acids and amino acids are cortisone
the products of hydrolysis of neutral fats are fatty acids and glycerol
a lipoprotein particle functions to store lipids i the tissues
a fatty acid salt can act as a soap to remove grease because the nonpolar tails of the salt dissolve in the grease and the polar salts ends dissolve in water
which of the followin is not a function of glycerophospholipids aid in digestion
the synthesis of lipid takes place in the small intestine
which of the following types of lipid is most slouble in water triacyleglycerols
the products of the acid catalyzed hydrolysis of a fat are fatty acids and glycerol
a polyunsaturated fatty acid contains more than one double bond
compared to saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids have lower melting points
which of the following is not a lipoprotein that carries nonpolar lipids throughout the bloodstream? glycerol
a triaclyglycerol that is solid at room temperature is called an fat
a basic amino acid has a side chain that contains an amine group
a chain made of more than 50 amino acids is usually referred to as an protein
the optimal temperature for most enzymes is 37 C
which of the following is a secondary protein structure alpha helix
the fribrous protein responsible for the structure of hair and wool is keratin
most enzymes are deativated permanently above a temperature of about 50 C
in any reaction catalyzed by an enzyme, the reacting molecule is called the substrate
the bonds that are important in the secondary structure of a protein are hydrogen bonds
the function of myoglobin is to carry oxygen in the muscles
on boiling, egg white becomes opaque due to denaturation
the most important factor for a protein to function properly is its shape and size
enkephalins, namturally produced opiates in the body, are found in thalamus and spinal cord tissue
urea is converted to ammonia and carbon dioxide by the action of urease. what will be the effect on the rate if the temperature is lowered from 37 c to 27 c the rate will slow down
the presence of enzymes to catalyze bioreactions in our bodies allows bioreation to take place under mild conditions
hemoglobin has a total of ____ protein chains in its quantenary structure four
the formation of an enzyme-subtrate complex is the ___ step in enzyme action first
most enzymes are globular proteins
in a typical amino acid, zwitterion, the carboxylic acid end is negatively charged
which of the following is not a function of proteins stores the genetic information of a living organisim
within hemoglobin , the heme functions as an oxygen carrier
the heme in hemoglobin is an small molecule within a protein
the fibrous protein responsible for the structure of hair and wool is keratin
sucrase, the protein that facilitates the hydrolysis of sucrose, would be classified as a ____protein catalytic
what is considered the library of all the blueprints for life chromosomes
when mRNA is synthesized using the information from DNA, the process is called transcription
the result of a defective enzyme caused by a mutation in the DNA nucleotide sequence is a genetic disease
suring protein synthesis, the codon for an amino acid is found on mRNA
the anticodon is complementary to the codon on mRNA
which of the following types of RNA carries the gentic information from DNA in the nucleus to the ribosomes mRNA
a virus does not have nucleotides
paramyxovirus causes mumps
the base sequence of the strand of DNA complementary to the segment t-g-g-c-a-a-c a-c-c-g-t-t-g
in the genetic code, a codon is a sequence of three bases
when a mutation occurs by elimination of one base in a DNA sequence, this mutation is called frame-shift mutation
a DNA template having the base sequence a-g-a-t-g-a u-c-u-a-c-u
which one of the following base pairs is found in DNA adenine-thymine
the replication of DNA produces two molecules, each iwth half of the old DNA molecule and half with the new DNA strand joined together
the two strands of the double helix of DNA are held together by hydrogen bonds
which of the following pairing would not occur in a DNA molecule t-c
which of the following is a section of mRNA produced from the DNA template u-a-u-c-g-a-u
translation is the process wherby protein is systhesized from mRNA
_____molecules carry protein assembly instructions from the nucleus to the cytoplasm messenger RNA
the replacements of one base with another in the coding strand of DNA is called a substitution mutation
which of the following is found in RNA but not in DNA uracil
what is considered to be a blueprint of a trait gene
in transcription the mRNA produced is complementary to one strand of the DNA
the amino acid that is needed for the formation of melanin is tyrosine
a _____ consists of a nitrogen containing base and a sugar nucleoside
what is the total amount of ATP produced per molecule of glucose in cellular respiration 36
in the L-isomere of a fisher projection of a monosaccharide, the -OH group furthest from the carbonyl is writeen on the left of the bottom chiral carbon
ketosis is a condition that can occur if ketone bodies cannot be completly metabolized
the initial digestion of protein is catalzyed by an enzyme called pepsin
in step 7 of glycolysis, ATP is generated when phosphate group is transffered directly from 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate to ADP in a process known as substrate level phosphorylation
under acid hydrolysis conditions, start is converted to glucose
glycolysis is an ___process anaerobic
maltose is a disaccharide
myristic acid, a C14 fatty acid, undergoes the B-oxidation cycle ____times 6
what is a molecule said to be when the third phosphat of ATP is attached to it phosphorylated
the type of functional group that is found in carbohydrates is the carbonyl group
which of the following compounds in the citric acid cycle undergoes oxidative decarboxylation isocitrate
the compounds in electron transport that remove hydrogen ion and electrons from NADH are classified as electron carriers
the total number of ATP molecule created by the anaerobic and aerobic metabolism of one glucose molecule is 36
hyperglycemia is a condition in which the glucose level in the blood is higher than normal
digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth
in the electron transport chain, the synthesis of ATP from ADP +Pi is called oxidative phosphorylation
which of the following contains a B-1,4-glycosidic bond lactose
galactose is a product of enzymaic hydrolysis of lactose
step 5 of the citric acid cycle is the hydrolysis of succinyl coA. in this reaction the energy released is used to make GTP
the components of the electron chain do not include acetyl CoA
cytosol is a solution of enzymes and electrolytes
where specifically does glycolysis occur cytosol
overall, one turn of the citric acid cycle produces three, NAHD molecules
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