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Cardio Ap Final


When projected to a high alt for a prolonged period of time, an individual 's Alveolar ventilation increases, cardiac output decreases
When subjected to a high alt for a prolonged period of time, an individuals's pH becomes alkalotic
The best treatment for high alt pulmonary edema Rapid decent
At 99 feet below the water surface the pressure is 4 atmospheres
Breathing a 100% o2 changes the carboxyhemoglobin half life to less than 1 hour
Which of the following increases an individual's cardiac output Epinephrine, hyperthermia, dopamine,digitalis, dobutamine, isoproterenol,amrinome, septic shock,hyervolemia, decreased vascular resistance
An individuals systemic vascular resistance increases in response to Epinepherine,hypovolemia, dopamine, norepinephrine, phenylephrine, septic shock (late stages), decrease PCO2
The barometric pressure is about half the sea level value at an altitude of 18000-19000 ft
The oxygen-diffusion capacity of high altitude natives is about 20-25% greater than predicted
The oxygen diffusion capacity of high altitude natives as compared to low landers is Higher
Acute mountain sicknesses characterized by Insomnia,headache, dizziness,
You calc a heathy patients v/q ratio of 0.65 which zone where the measurements most likely taken? Zone 3
Percentage of red blood cell in relation to the total blood is Hematocrit
Define intravascular pressure The actual blood pressure in the lumen of any vessel at any point
Individual has a stroke volume of 50 mL and a heart rate of 90 beats per min, what it the cardiac output? 50x90=4500 mL= 4.5 L/min
Equation for cardiac output? Stroke volume X heart rate= L/min
Define dead space ventilation? Venilation is taking place, but no gas exchange. NO Perfusion
Define shunted blood Blood flow without ventilation; perfusion but no ventilation
If two gases had the same gram molecular weight gas A and gas B, gas A has a solubility coefficient of 48 and gas B has a solubility coefficient of 41, which gas would diffuse faster? Gas A ( higher solubility coefficient )
At sea level, the normal percent of nitrogen is? 78%
What is the average partial pressure of oxygen in the aorta? 100 mmHg
At sea level, the alveolar H20 is normally about? 47 mmHg
Which of the following occur when the barorectors sense an increase in the arterial pressure? Venous dilation
How much faster does CO2 diffuse than O2? 20 timesw
The difference between pressure in the lumen of a vessel and the pressure surrounding the vessel? Transmural pressure
The mitral valve lies between? Left atrium and left ventricle
When a patient is lying on his left side where is zone one? The portion of the lung closest to the right arm
In which zone of the lung does the alveolar pressure exceed that of the pulmonary artery pressure and these both exceed the Venus pressure Zone 2
Which of the following cause blood clotting at a trauma cite? Thrombocytes
Drugs that will increase or decrease the force of myocardial contractions are referred to as Inotropes
Compare to pulmonary circulation the pressure in the systemic is about? 10 times the pressure
The force the ventricles must work against to pump blood is called Ventricular after load
An increase in the following is commonly seen in asthmatic patients? Eosinophils
In response to an increased alveolar oxygen pressure the pulmonary vascular system Relaxes
In response to a decreased pc02 level, the pulmonary system Relaxes
Under normal resting conditions the diffusion of CO2 and O2 is usually completed in about 0.25 seconds
The normal transit time for blood through the alveolar capillary system is about how long 0.75 seconds
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