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Drug, class, action

Pharmacology: drug names, classification, and action

Carbidopa- Levodopa (Sinemet) Dopaminergic; Transmission of levodopa to brain cells for conversion to dopamine; carpidopa blocks the conversion of levodopa to dopamine in the intestine and peripheral tissues, Decrease symptoms of parkinsonism, Carpidopa a decarboxylase inhibitor
Antacids Antiulcer drug;Promote ulcer healing by neutralizing hydrochloric (gastric) acid and reducing pepsin activity and they DO NOT coat the ulcer; Treats hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, and reflux esophagitis and to reduce hyperphosphatemia
Morphine Opioid analgesic; Relieves severe pain; acute pain resulting from AMI (acute myocardial infarction), cancer, and dyspnea resulting from pulmonary edema; Depression of the CNS and depression of pain impulses by binding with the opiate receptor in the CNS
Naloxone (Narcan) Antidote for morphine!!!Opiate antagonist; To treat respiratory or cardiovascular depression caused by narcotics, to treat narcotic-induced depressant effects and narcotic overdose; Blocks effects of narcotics by competing for receptor sites
Tetracycline To treat infections caused by uncommon gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, respiratory and skin infections, chlamydial infection, gonorrhea, syphilis, rickettsial infection, and inflammatory papules and pustules associated with rosacea in adults
Alprazolam (Xanax) Anxiolytic-Benzodiazepine;Management of anxiety and panic disorders and anxiety associated with depression; Potentiate GABA effects by binding to specific benzodiazepine receptors and inhibiting GABA neurotransmission
Metaproterenol (Alupent) Beta2 adrenergic and some beta1 agent for asthma treatment; To treat bronchospasm, asthma; to promote bronchodilation; Relaxation of smooth muscle of bronchi
Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) To diagnose adrenocortical disorders; acts as an inflammatory agent; to treat acute MS; Stimulates adrenal cortex to secrete cortisol
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