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Resp001 Oxygen Trans

Oxygen Transport

ONLY WAYS IN WHICH OXYGEN IS FOUND IN BLOOD? Dissolved in blood (slowest), Bound to Hemoglobin (fastest).
What determines the amount of O2 that dissolves in blood plasma? alveolar PO2
hemoglobin (Hb) majority of O2 in blood is bound to _____. Without Hb, blood cannot carry enough O2 to meet tissue requirements.
Normal PaO2? 80-100mmHg
Oxyhemoglobin state of hemoglobin that is bound to oxygen
Deoxyhemoglobin state of hemoglobin NOT bound to oxygen
Bus and Passenger Hb is essentially the bus and O2 is essentially passenger
PaO2 Partial Pressure of Oxygen in the ARTERY
SaO2 Hemoglobin saturation percentage in ARTERY
CaO2 content of oxygen within ARTERY CaO2 = (0.003)(PaO2) + (1.34)(Hb)(SaO2)
SpO2 non invasive way of measuring Hb saturation May not be completley accurate, depends on patient’s pathology
Hypoxemia low levels of O2 in the blood
Hypoxia Low levels of oxygen at TISSUE LEVEL No set numerical value to determine normal Usually assessed by patient’s presentation Confused? Alert/Awake/Oriented Tissue color (Cyanosis present?) Specific pathologies
ARDS Acute respiratory distress syndrome
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