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Film Chapter 6

Film final exam

What is editing? Moving from 1 shot to the next
What is a fade out? Fading from the a light shot to a darker screen
What is a fade in? A dark screen that gradually brightens as a shot appears.
What is a dissolve? One image dissolves into the next
What is a wipe? Moving between two shots with a line across the screen removing one shot and replacing with the next.
What is a cut? Moving from one shot to the other- nothing fancy
What is a graphic match? Two shots joined together with same elements in both
What are rhythmic relations? Duration of shots joined together
What is the Kuleshov Effect? Audience must infer space, no establishing shot
What is order? Presentation of events
What is a flashback? A look to the past before the actions on screen then returning to the present
What is a flash-forward? Moving to a point in the future then returning to the present
What is elliptical editing? Shot transitions that omit parts of an event, causing an ellipsis in plot duration.
What is punctuation? A transition showing that time is being cut out
What are empty frames? The empty space stays on screen after the character leaves
What is a cutaway? Cutting from one action to the next and back again
What is overlapping editing? Repeating an action on screen
What is continuity editing? A system of cutting to maintain continuous and clear narrative action.
What is the 180 system? A system which promotes spatial continuity -Position of frame remains consistant, eye levels stay the same
What is an establishing shot Distant framing, establishes space between characters before closer shots
What is shot/reverse shot? Two or more shots edited together that alternate characters, typically in a conversation setting
What is eye line match? The eye lines of the characters stay consistent even when the camera moves.
What is match on action? A continuity cut that splices two different views of the same action together at the same moment in the movement, making it seem to continue uninterrupted
What is a reestablishing shot? A return to the view of the entire space after a series of breakdown shots that followed the establishing shot.
What is a montage sequence? Many different sequences shown at the same time, showing a series of events
What is discontinuity editing? The use of any technique considered unacceptable by continuity editing principles
What is a jump cut? An interruption of a single shot
What is a nondiegetic insert? Objects or sounds that are outside of the narrative
Created by: nates2great