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Middle East Major Monotheistic Religions

Founder Moses/Muhammed
Date 570 A.D.
Holy Text Qur'an
Beliefs God made covenant with Abraham that descendants would be favored for their faith/submission to God
Beliefs Abraham had sons Isaac and son Ishmael;they believe hebrews descended from Isaac and arabs from Ishmail
Beliefs hebrews had not properly followed the prophets
Beliefs goal of Islam according to God's guidance,which will be rewarded with salvations
Actions based on Beliefs Shahada; a public declaration of faith (recitation of the Islamic creed)
Actions based on Beliefs Salat (prayer);prayer five times a day bowing towards mecca
Actions based on Beliefs Zakat(almsgiving);must give 2.5% of wealth to charity
Actions based on Beliefs Siyam(fasting);during the month of Ramadon
Actions based on Beliefs Hajj;pilgramage to mecca once in a life
Actions based on Beliefs Haram;dietary laws which don't allow eating of pork or drinking of alcohol
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