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Its a different stac

Its a different stack

if triangle ABC has side lengths a, b, and c, that are across from their capital vericies, then sin A over side a is equal to sin B over side b is equal to sin C over side c law of sines
A segment whose endpoints are the center and any point on the circle radius of a circle
the radius of a circle squared times pi area of a circle
the sum of the base areas of a prism and the lateral areas of a prism: 2B + Ph where B is the area of the base, P is the perimeter of the base, and h is the height of the prism surface area of a right prism
colonial residents of Latin America originally born in Spain peninsular
Muslim period of fasting that last one month in order to teach patience and grow closer to Allah Ramadan
government headed by upper class and elite in a society aristocracy
movie based on the true story of a journalist, Charles Horman, who dissapears in the middle of a coup in Chile and his father and wife that attempt to locate him Missing
in Russia, a village of peasant farmers mir
French General who came to power after the French Revolution and expanded the French Empire to the greatest point in history through wars that left 6 million dead Napoleon Bonaparte
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