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FH ecco2 c4 voc p.76

FH ecco2 c4 vocab. p.76

allenamento training
asciugamano towel
ciclista cyclist
cuffia cap
cuffie headphones
dorso back; backstroke
rana frog; breaststroke
sveglia alarm clock
trampolino diving board
triathlon triathlon
vasca bath, basin; lap(pool)
zainetto small backpack
allenarsi to train, to get fit
aumentare to increase
continuare to continue
correre to run
decidere to decide
depilarsi to remove one's hair
divertirsi to have fun
pedalare to cycle, to pedal
riaddormentarsi to fall asleep again
ridere to laugh
riposarsi to rest
suonare to ring, sound, go off
tuffarsi to plunge, dive
di nuovo again
in fretta in a hurry
morto/a dead
sopra on, on top of
decisione decision
affrettarsi to hurry
piscina pool
fare una vasca to swim a lap
stile libero freestyle
crawl freestyle
mondo world
nuoto swimming
nuotata a swim
stanco morto dead tired
Created by: gdirosario