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Geography Terms

Chapter 8

Asian Tigers newly industrialized territories of Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore that have experienced rapid economic Growth and become semiperipheral within the world-system.
chaebol South Korean term for the very large corporations in that country that, with government help, control numerous businesses and dominate the national economy.
counterurbanization net loss of population from cities to smaller towns and rural areas.
feng shui application of a collection of ancient principles of geomancy that are believed by adherents to ensure health, wealth, happiness, long life, and healthy offspring through the spatial organization of cities, buildings, and furniture.
import substitution process by which domestic producers provide goods or services that were formerly bought from foreign producers.
keiretsu Japanese business networks facilitated after World War II by the Japanese government in order to promote national recovery.
Pacific Rim loosely defined region of countries that border the Pacific Ocean
pinyin system of writing Chinese language using the Roman alphabet.
Ring of Fire chain of seismic instability and volcanic activity that stretches from Southeast Asia through the Philippines, the Japanese archipelago, the Kamchatka Peninsula, and down the Pacific coast of the Americas to the southern Andes in Chile.
Silk Road ancient east-west trade route between Europe and China.
zaibatsu large Japanese conglomerate corporation.
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