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Functional Expectations for SCI Injuries

C1, C2, C3- Face/Neck muscles Talking, Mastication, Sipping, Blowing
C4- Diaphragm & Trapezius Respiration, Scapular elevation
C5- Biceps, Brachialis, Brachioradialis, Deltoid, Infraspinatus, Rhomboids, Supinator Elbow flexion & supination; Shoulder ER; Shoulder abduction to 90; Limited shoulder flexion
C6- ECR, Infraspinatus, Lats, Pec major, Pronator teres, Serratus anterior, Teres Minor Shoulder flexion/extension/IR/Adduction; Scapular abduction/upward rotation; Forearm pronation; Wrist extension (tenodesis grasp)
C7- EPL & EPB, Extrinsic finger extensors, FCR, Triceps Elbw extension; Wrist flexion, Finger extension
C8-T1- Extrinsic finger flexors; FCU, FPL, FPB, Intrinsic finger flexors Full innervation of UE mm including fine coordination & strong grasp
T4-6-- Top 1/2 of intercostals Improved trunk control; Increased respiratory reserve; Pec girdle stabilized for lifting objects
T9-12-- Lower abs, all intercostals Improved trunk control; Increased endurance
L2, L3, L4-- Gracilis Iliopsoas, QL, Rectus femoris, Sartorius Hip flexion/adduction; Knee extension
L4-5-- Extensor digitorum; Low back mm; Medial hams; Posterior tibialis; Quads; Tibialis anterior Strong hip flexion; Strong knee extension; Weak knee flexion; Improved trunk control
Transfers dependent until? C6
Driving can begin when? C5
Independent with manual w/c when? C5
Dressing 100% independent when? C7
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