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World Geography SFA

World Geography SFA Reveiw FlashCards Test on Fri.

How were mountain ranges such as the Himalayas (Asia) and Andes (South America) formed? plate tectonics (movement of the earth’s crust)
What is the definition of diffusion (spatial)? Diffusion means spreading; In geography, it is referring to the spread of ideas, inventions, patterns of behavior.
How are ideas, inventions, and patterns of behavior diffused? Movement (migration of people); inventions such as satellite technology and the internet; trade with other nations; war (push factor).
What is spatial analysis? It is when we (geographers) study the earth and notice relationships between patterns and processes on the planet. In other words…we are answering the question...”Where is it, and WHY is it there?”
What is a REGION? This is one of the 5 themes of geography. Region is referring to an area on the earth’s surface with common characteristics. There are physical regions and culture regions.
What makes up a culture region? Things like a common religion, commonly spoken language, and common heritage among the people.
What is the purpose of a climograph? It is a graphic that shows the average temperatures and precipitation for each month of the year for a specific location. (pg 64 in your textbook has two examples)
What are the factors that affect climate? Latitude (the closer to the Equator a place is, the warmer and wetter it is); elevation (the higher the elevation, the cooler the temps); proximity to bodies of water (winds and ocean currents can regulate climate)
What is the major factor that defines a desert? Lack of precipitation (areas receiving an average of less than 10 inches of rain per yr.)
What is a tropical wet climate like? This climate is found near the Equator; remember- the closer you are to the Equator, the warmer and wetter the climate. So, a tropical wet climate is very warm with plenty of annual rainfall.
Created by: 97SOPhiE45