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Manual Gearbox`s

Revision for Manual transmissions

How do you calculate the transmissions OVERALL GEAR RATIO? Multiplying the gearbox ratio by the final drive ratio
What is the mechanisim called that is fitted to the gearbox to prevent two gears engaging at the same time? An interlock mechanisim
A damaged interlock mechanism could allow what to happen? The transmission to lock up
What is the purpose of the interlock mechanisim in a manual transmission? To prevent two gears being selected at the same time
Difficulty in engaging gears can be caused by what? A worn gear linkage
A detent ball and spring mechanisim is used for what? To lock the selector shafts in position
A gearbox has a second gear ratio of 2:1, if the engine produces 120Nm of torque at 5000rpm in 2nd gear, the gearbox output will be: 240Nm at 2,500rpm
What is fitted to a TRANSAXLE gearbox to allow the outer wheel to rotate faster than the inner wheel? A differential
What are the gears used in a constant mesh gearbox? Helical gears
What would cause a `crashing sound` when engaging 3rd gear? A worn 3rd gear synchromesh
What component transmits the drive between the input and the output shaft? Layshaft or counter shaft
When 5th gear is engaged on a five speed gearbox what happens? The input shaft rotates slower than the output shaft
What type of gear is typically used for reverse? Straight cut gear
In a constant mesh gearbox the gears on the input shaft are always what? Free to rotate on the output shaft
During what test would the transmission system be checked? A Road test
Created by: timrichman9
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