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Psychology 241

Final Exam Unit 1

Normative age graded influences Similar for members in a particular group EX: puberty
3 domains of psychology Socioemotional Cognitive Physical
Normative history- graded influences Similar for members of a certain generation EX: 9/11
Paul Baltes key principles: (6) Development is: lifelong multidimensional multidirectional plastic multidisciplinary contextual
Non-normative influences have a major impact on individuals life EX: winning the lottery
3 developmental issues nature-nurture stability-change continuity-discontinuity
Classical conditioning Pavlov and the dog
Operant conditioning Skinner and his box with birds
Piaget stages: Sensorimotor Pre-Operational Concrete Operational Formal Operational
Sensorimotor Birth-two years constructs an understanding of the world with both sensory experiences (seeing and hearing) and physical motor actions
Preoperational 2-7 years (preschool) Represent the world with words, images, and drawings
Concrete Operational 7-11 Perform operations that involve objects and they can reason logically about specific or concrete examples. They can not however imagine the steps needed to complete a algebraic equation
Formal Operational 11--> think in abstract and logical terms
Cohorts Generational differences
3 stages of prenatal development germinal embryonic fetal
Teratogens Harmful, can hurt the fetus, embryonic period is when this can harm the baby
Created by: tchristo