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Death rates

Explain death rate. Its the number of deaths per thousand of the population per year.
Reasons for the decline in the death rates? Less infectious disease
What is another reasons for a decline in death rates? Improved nutrition
What is another reasons for a decline in death rates? Medication improvements
What is another reasons for a decline in death rates? Public health/ environmental improvements
What is another reasons for a decline in death rates? Other Factors
Explain more on the improved nutrition. Mckeowen argues that improved nutrition accounts for up to half of the reduction in death rates
Explain more on the medical improvements NHS, antibiotics, immunisation and improved surgery
Explain more on public health and environmental improvements Government laws on cleaner water, sewage and disposal and pollution
Explain what is meant by other factors Decline in dangerous manual jobs like mining, higher incomes leading to healthier lifestyles and better knowledge of causes of illness.
What does life expectancy mean? How long on average a person born in a certain year can except to live.
Class, gender and regional differences affects life expectant women live longer than men, working class workers and unskilled die earlier than others
The average age of the UK's population is rising, what does this mean? that there are fewer young people and more old people.
What are the effects of the ageing population? Public services older people people need more health and social care provision
What are the effects of the ageing population? One persons pensioner households- 14% of all households mostly female.
What are the effects of the ageing population? Dependancy Ratio- as the population gets older the dependancy ratio increases
What are the effects of the ageing population? The social construction of ageing- old people can be seen as a problem this view has been social constructed and can lead to ageism.
What are the effects of the ageing population? Policy implications-the main problem is how to finance a longer period of old age.
What did Hirsch say in 2005? That we should redirect our educational resources towards old people to improve their knowledge and skill levels, and encourage them to move into smaller houses or retirement homes to improve funds to improve standards of living and free up houses.
Created by: Rach_Black
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