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Birth Rates

Birth Rates in Demography

Define birth rates. The number of live births per 1000 of the population per year.
What is meant by the pattern? Long term decline in the number of births.
When are the 'baby boom' periods? After WW1 and WW2 and 1960's
What are the two factors of birth rates? 1) The proportion of women are at the child rearing age 2)Women are postponing having children
What is one of the reasons for decline in birth rate? Changes in the position of women
What is another reason for the decline in birth rate? Decline in infant mortality.
What is another reason for the decline in birth rate? Children have become an economic liability.
What is another reason for the decline in birth rate? Children have become the centre of family life.
Why is there a decline in infant mortality? with fewer infants dying, parent having fewer children thus lowering the birth rate. it has fallen because of improved sanitation and housing, less diseases, and better immunity, better nutrion, better knowledge of health and hygiene, improved services.
Why have children become a economic liability? Children used to be a economic asset by working, but child labour has been banned and the school leaving age has increased, making children depend economically for longer. Children also expect more material goods from there parents.
Explain more on the changes in the position of women More equality with men, better educated, more women in paid employment, changing attitudes towards a woman's role, easier to divorce, abortion and contraception
What is the future trends? Higher levels of immigration could increase birth rate.
What is the impact of smaller families? Women are able to work-Dual earners Burden of dependancy- children depend on the workers Impact of services- less schools, health and maternity services
Created by: Rach_Black